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1200 Degree Vacuum Tube Furnace

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  • 1 Set/Sets
  • SRI
  • 12 months
  • Fob/CIF
  • ZLG-1200
  • Tag: 1200 Degree Vacuum Tube Furnace, Laboratory drying oven, electric heating furnace
  • Supplier - Serve Real Instruments Co.,Ltd
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
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Post Date : July 12
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The hearth is made of light ceramic fiber, comprised of two semicircle hearth, easy to open, the heating element is made of molybdenum alloys heating wire, fast heat, features thermostability, antioxidant, corrosion. PID temperature control, vacuum sealing flange.


Laboratory, high, middle, low temperature CVD process, such as CNT research, crystalline silicon baseplate coating film, metal material diffusion welding, and the heat treatment under vacuum or Atmosphere.

Technical specifications

Tube size


Heating area length

300mm, or customized

Thermostatic area length


Working temperature

1100°C(long term heating temperature)

Highest temperature


Temperature control mode

30 stages PID microcomputer programmable control

Temperature control accuracy


Temperature protection

Over temperature and thermocouple broken protection function

Heating rate


Heating element

Molybdenum alloys heating wire

Power supply

AC220V 50HZ (or customized)

Max power


Hearth material

Polycrystalline ceramics, no powder drop, good thermostability, high reflectivity, uniform temperature, good thermal stability

Flange connector

Standard equipped two stainless steel vacuum flange, pressure gauge and stainless steel stop valve installed

Sealing system

Use silica gel O ring sealing between tube and flange, easy dismount, repeatable dismount, good air sealing performance, can guarantee pressure gauge pointer no deflection

Air tightness


Vacuum degree

Twin pole rotary vane mechanical pump:10^-2 torr
molecular pump assembly
:10^-5 torr

Leakage ratio<5 mtorr / min

Furnace tube

Gas fusing quartz furnace tube

Heating part

K type thermocouple temperature measurement

Hearth temperature


Net weight


Provided parts

Gas fusing quartz furnace tube, vacuum flange, high temperature glove,

Crucible hook, thermocouple, corundum crucible, furnace plug, O type sealing ring, user manual


CE certification

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