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Pocket Type Vibration Meter

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Post Date : December 09
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TT, Paypal, Western Union
12 months
10-15 working days
China (Mainland),Jiangsu


Standards: ISO-2954


l Advanced design, low power consumption, reliable performance, nice appearance, portable

l High reliable parallel shear and ring shear acceleration sensor

l High low frequency grading function, easy to identify error type

l Signal output function

l Can equip professional earphone, has echometer function

l Equipped with oscilloscope, vibration recorder

l Has integration and split type two kinds

l The split type use high strength spiral cable to connect with main machine

l Suitable for vibration & temperature measurement of various kinds of machines

l Software optional, easy for device status & data management, trend analysis, report print

Technical specifications

1. Sensors: integration type use ring shear type acceleration sensor, split type use charge-amplifier, built in parallel shear acceleration sensor

2. Measuring range: acceleration: 0.1~199.9m/s2(0~p) (5Hz/10Hz~1khz; 1Khz~10Khz)

3. Rate: 0.01~19.99cm/s(rms) (5Hz/10Hz~1khz)

4. Displacement: 0.001~1.999mm(p~p) (5Hz/10Hz~1khz)

5. Frequency measuring range: frequency lower limit:10Hz(5Hz)

6. Frequency upper limit: 1khz, 10khz optional

7. Measuring accuracy: 5%±2 words

8. Temperature measurement: 0~200°C

9. Measuring accuracy: 1%±1 word

10. Display: 3-half LCD display

11. Power supply: 9V laminated cell 1pc, can work continuously for 30hrs

12. Overall size: 165×67×30(mm)

13. Net weight: 185g


Acceleration sensor connection mode

Frequency range

Temperature measurement


Integration basic type




Integration low frequency type




Split type basic type




Split type low frequency type




Split type basic type




Split type low frequency type



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Carton Case Edgewise Compression Testing Machine

Carton Case Edgewise Compression Testing Machine

Carton Case Edgewise Compression Testing Machine


This tester can be used to test the comprehensive performance of paper and packing materials, it can do RCT, FCT, ECT, PAT, CMT test. It’s kind of common packing testing machine.


TAPPI-T472 T808 T810 T811 T818, JIS-P8126, GBT 2679.6, GBT 2679.8, GBT 2679.17


Automatic rebound function when reach force limit, prevent the damage to the sensor

Constant test rate

Different clams for different test

Thermos printer

Internal calibration function built in

Technical Specifications

Measuring range: 300kg (3000N)

Unit: Kg, N, LB

Measuring accuracy: ±1%

Resolution: 110,000

Test rate: 12.5mm/min

Sample area: 152.4×12.7mm(circling pressure), 25mm×100mm( edge pressure); 25mm×80mm ( bonding), 64.5cm2(flat compression)/32.2cm2

Platen diameter: 120mm

Compression distance: 80

Machine overall dimension: W 350×D 310×H 560mm

Machine weight: approx. 40kg

Power supply: AC 220V+10%, 1phase, 120W

Optional parts: edgewise compression clamp, plane sample cutter, bonding test clamp, round compression

Test term

If equipped with RCT center platen and sampler, can perform RCT

If equipped with according sampler and auxiliary guiding block, can perform ECT

If equipped with split strength test frame, can perform PAT

If equipped with according sampler , can perform FCT

If equipped with grooved instrument, can perform CCT and CMT

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Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer SAE ASTM

Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer SAE ASTM

Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer SAE ASTM

Standards: SAE, ASTM, VDA, GM, Ford, Chrysler, Mazda, JIS, Nissan, VW, Toyota


This Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer is used to perform below tests: external coating cohesiveness broken test, interlayer adhesiveness broken test, hardened glass brittleness thickness, anti-strip optimal coating thickness, anti-strip of plastic and glass, collision-resistant, abrasion resistance.


l Comprised of standard parts, equipped with easy to assemble and unassembled parts, can perform all main Stone Chip Resistance tests of car material. Universal adjusting device, 0-180 impact degree freely adjust.

l Test platform impact window: 300*300 mm, equipped with flexible supporter which can adjust window size to suite different size sample.

l Integration structure of collision cabinet, the whole impact device located in the inside of the collision cabinet, including test sample. This design avoid the shock medium to splash out of the cabinet.

l Large volume gas storage tank up to 170L, more stable shock air pressure

l Standard parts including: shooting components, collision cell, sample clamper

l Easy & fast sample loading and external stone receiving box

l Touch screen for easy operation

l Safety device: when the collision cabinet door is open, or the collision cell is not installed, safety switch will turn off the test automatically, also has electricity leakage protection function, overpressure, pressure leakage protection function.

l Can tailor made different test clamps (including 3D test)as per different samples, also can make the Stone Chip Resistance Gravelometer as per customer’s specifications. Such as QCT468-2010

Technical Specifications

1. Test conditions: temperature +5-+35°C, relative humidity 85%RH

2. Pressure range: 0-1Mpa (adjustable)

3. Flow range: 0-0.08m3/S (adjustable)

4. Compressed air tube inner diameter: 12.7mm, 19mm or higher

5. Jet gun tube inner diameter: 52.6mm\290mm

6. Air groove volume: 136L

7. Noise: 130dba

8. Sample test angle: flat plate type by 54°, 90°

9. Air pressure range: 0-0.8Mpa adjustable

10. Overall size: 1800*850*1650mm(L*W*H)

11. Shooting assembly: SAE, VDA one each

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