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100% Pure Cotton Yarn, Polyester Cotton Yarn, Blended Cotton Yarn

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Main products of the two broad categories: yarn and cloth with polyester/cotton blended yarn, pure polyester yarn and pure cotton yarn is given priority to, conventional varieties have T65 / C35 45 s, 40 s, 32 s, s; C60 / T40 40 s, 32 s, 21 s; T30S, T40S, T30S / 2, T40S / 2; C32S, C40S, etc; Cloth to camouflage clothing, tooling, functional fabrics, legion is given priority to, such as varieties have anti-static cloth, bamboo cloth, khaki, poplin, grid cloth, etc. Company with "to seek friendship and cooperation, win-win co-existence, sincere professional refinement" for the purpose, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence quality, manufacturing high-quality goods" the quality policy, continue to contribute to the textile industry

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Cotton Waste:

We are one of the leading suppliers of cotton wastes from India.
Our product range includes comber noil, clean carding waste, clean flat strip, clean dropping, cotton linter and others.

Types of cotton waste:

1). Comber Noil: (Bleached & Unbleached)

We provide one of the finest qualities Comber Noil. Comber Noil is a by-product of the yarn spinning process, produced when cotton is combed in comber machine to remove short fibers. Because of comber noil being trash free, it can be used for a number of purposes like, manufacturing of pharmaceutical and surgical cotton. Besides this comber noil is also be used in yarn production.

We can also offer you Bleached Comber Noil. It is ideal for making cotton balls, cotton buds and cotton pads. It is manly used in cosmetic field. It is highly hygiene and therefore is appreciated by our clients.

2). Flat (Upper Carded Waste)
Cotton flat is also a by-product of the yarn spinning process, produced in first carding machine. This fiber length is usually longer but has higher trash as compared to comber noil.

Product Details:

Products Length Micronaire Strength Trash
Flat(A) 20-26 mm 3.0-4.0 22+ 4-6%
Flat(B) 20-26 mm 3.0-4.0 22+ 8-11%
Flat 20-26 mm 3.0-3.5 22+ 15%

3). Dropping (Lower Carding Waste)

Droppings or lower carding waste are high in trash. Cotton dropping is obtained during yarn manufacturing. Its low cost and less fiber content makes it ideal for spinning low count yarn.

Product Details:

Product Length Micronaire Trash
Dropping 15-16 mm 3.0-3.5 25%

4). Clean Licker-in
Licker-in is also a by-product obtained during yarn manufacturing. Being fiber-rich and low cost, it is valuable in low count yarn spinning.

Product Details:

Products Length Micronaire Trash
Licker-in 19-20 mm 3.0-3.5 16%

5). Cotton linter:
Cotton linters are fine, silky fibers which adhere to the seeds of the cotton plant after ginning. Linters are traditionally used in the manufacture of paper and as a raw material in the manufacture of cellulose.

We are the exporter of cotton linter form India to international markets. India produces an excess of linter, mainly in Gujarat and Tamil Nadu. We can provide durable and high-quality linter as per client specifications and standards. Our durable quality makes linter ideal for producing long life archival papers and other high-quality papers and viscose. This environment-friendly alternative can replace the use of wood and other precious natural resources while making paper, viscose and other products.

Linter Extraction

We can offer linter in the First Cut and the Second Cut variety. First Cut has a longer fibre length as compared to the Second Cut. It is obtained by super cleaning of raw cotton, where fibres are extracted and baled. Then linter is passed through the de-linting machine – where we get the First Cut larger fibres, when passed for the second time to extract the remaining short fibres, we get the Second Cut.

Product Details:

Products Length Dryness Ash Insoluble Maturity
First Cut 5-10 mm 91.5 2.4 9.6 65
Second Cut 2-5 mm 92.5 1.6 8.3 68

6). Cotton yarn hard waste
We are the leading Cotton Yarn Waste Suppliers in India. We can offer wide range of cotton yarn that is widely acknowledged for its innumerable uses.

COUNTS: 20 TO 50's

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Raw Cotton, Surgical Cotton, Cotton Comber Noil, Cotton Wool

Raw Cotton, Surgical Cotton, Cotton Comber Noil, Cotton Wool

Raw Cotton, Surgical Cotton, Cotton Comber Noil, Cotton Wool

we engaged in manufacturing and export of best quality cotton bales, cotton seeds, cotton cake, Peanuts and Sesame Seeds in all principal word market and to the end users in the major word market. We are professionally managed company having large network and infrastructure in home as well as abroad, company is equipped with state-of-art infrastructure backed by large and fully automatic plant for cotton to cotton bales.

[1] Variety: DCH - 32
Span Length: 32 to 34mm (11/32")
Micronaire: 3.2 to 3.7
Strength: 32 GPT (HVI)

[2] Variety: MCU-5
Span Length: 32 to 34mm (11/32")
Micronaire: 3.2 to 3.7
Strength: 30 GPT (HVI)

[3] Variety: Bunny / Brahma
Span Length: 29 to 32mm (17/32")
Micronaire: 3.5 to 4.9
Strength: 29 GPT (HVI)

[4] Variety: Shankar -6,
Span Length: 27.5 to 29.5mm (11/8")
Micronaire: 3.5 to 4.9
Strength: 28 GPT (HVI)

[5] Variety: H-4 / MECH-1
Span Length: 27 to 29mm (13/32")
Micronaire: 3.5 to 4.9
Strength: 27 GPT (HVI)

[6] Variety: V -797
2.5% Span Length: 18 to 22mm (22/32")
Micronaire: 4.2 to 6.0
Strength: 22GPT (HVI)
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