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  • USD  18000 - 18500 / Metric Ton  
  • 50000 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
  • M100
  • Other
  • Heavy Crude Oil
  • M100
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Post Date : March 31
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Heavy Crude Oil
Russian Federation
Oil Product


mazut is a dark oil product, which is obtained by primary, secondry oil nd gas condensate feedstock. infact it is a mixture of petroleum rezins, hybocarbons, carbenes, metal-organic compounds and carboid, Mazut oil M100 is used as fuel for vehicle, stationary boilers and process plant, furnace in factories, Also it is used for the manufacture of other fuels, such as bunker fuel, engine oil and heavy bunker fuel.

The residual from distillation of gasoline, ligroin, kerosene, and diesel oil fraction from petroleum.mazut may be used as asboiler fuel oil, in the preparation of distillate and residual lubricating oils, in cracking or hydrogenation processes for hemanufacture of moto fuel and in the production of bitumen and coke, depending on its chemical composition and properties.

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