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bonny light crude oil

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Post Date : May 02
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bonny light crude oil
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we are a German company representing a legal entity duly company registered in Nigeria under the Company Act with registered offices in Lagos, Nigeria. The company we are official mandate for, is stakeholder in upstream oil and petroleum in Nigeria with an yearly allotment concession to the volume of 48.000.000 Barrels of Bonny Light crude oil for sale from Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation.

Seeking a professional and trustful Off-OPEC oil trade transaction, please find below the terms and condition of our offer:



ORIGIN: Nigeria

QUALITY: NNPC Export Standard

QUANTITY: 2 Millions Barrels on a revolving 12 months contract and instrument

PRICE NET :OFF OPEC-CIF US$ 2 Net per Barrel discount to Buyer

COMMISSION: US$ 4 (50/50) seller ( closed ) and buyer sides’ agent and BLCO Consultants

The Discount shall be Gross US $6.00 per Barrel below the MEAN QUOTATION in the Platt’s McGraw Hill London “Dated Brent” publication with NET US $2.00 per Barrel to Buyer, while US $4.00 per Barrel being the Commissions to the Seller’s Agents, Seller’s Facilitators, BLCO Consultants and Buyer’s Facilitators.

As a first step before the procedure can begin, the buyer is required to provide a POF. ( after many attempts of scam, we won't accept any other start of negotiation. If you can't provide the POF, please don't contact us )

We won't skip the brokers or agents to contact the buyer. We are willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement / confidentiality contract if needed.


9.1 Seller issues draft contract and draft Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO), open for amendments, to Buyer for procedure verification and acceptance.

9.2 Seller signs and seals the Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) the “Contract” and emails to the buyer for signature and endorsement.
9.3 Buyer countersigns the contract and dispatches a copy to the Seller with ICPO. Buyer shall return copy of the signed Contract Agreement with Buyer’s Port of Discharge (POD)/NOR draft.

9.4 Seller loads vessel and sends to buyer full soft copies of cargo documents in buyer’s/ seller's name. Seller’s loaded vessel shall issue a Marine Notice of Readiness (NOR) to the buyer’s port of discharge.

9.5 On receipt of NOR from Seller’s loaded vessel, Buyer’s bank will issue ICPO to the Seller’s bank. ( As an official engagement of the buyer's bank )

9.6On receipt and confirmation of ICPO at Seller’s bank, Seller’s loaded vessel shall sail to buyer's POD. Upon arrival of the vessel to buyer’s discharge port, Buyer shall be responsible for clearance of vessel to POD, and within 24-36 hours, Seller’s vessel issues ATB (Authority to Board) to buyer’s inspectors to board the vessel to conduct Q&Q at buyer’s expense. Q&Q inspection and report must be based on the established procedures of the port of discharge.

9.7 Upon a successful Q&Q, Buyer’s inspectors release inspection report with copies to the seller.

9.8 Seller issues commercial invoice to buyer. The invoice shall be based on the Q&Q certificate. Seller also issues hard copy of documents to buyer. Documents (total original and Copies) will be sent to the buyer directly, or appointed bank by buyer for the payment.

9.9 Within 3 days from the date of the Q&Q Certificate, buyer pays to Seller’s and agent’s account for the cargo via MT103). Vessel discharge to buyer’s tank.

9.10 Steps 9.4 to 9.9 is repeated for the next shipment.

The procedure for this transaction as indicated is in its strictest terms to abide, please don't ask for alternative procedure or any other suggestion.

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The informations displayed above are provided by the seller. The authenticity, accuracy and legality of the content are borne by the seller. Please realize that the risks in Internet transactions are objective.
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