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Fresh Asparagus

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Post Date : June 29
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Liliaceous Vegetabless


The asparagus is also known as the "asparagus" and "south asparagus". It is the tender bud of the liliaceae plant, which is similar to the buds of the grass reeds, but very different. It bestowed wild, rich nutrition, unique flavor, integrating characteristics of natural wild and green organic, ruanjiang reed the young stem of asparagus, nutritious, delicious taste, has a "dongting cordyceps" reputation. Located in the hinterland of yuanjiang, there are 450,000 mu of advantaged asparagus resources. Asparagus, asparagus (distinguished from the sea vegetable, also known as the asparagus). In the international market enjoys a laudatory name "the king of vegetables", asparagus is rich in amino acids, protein and vitamin, its content were higher than general fruit and plants, especially in the asparagus asparagine and trace element selenium, molybdenum, chromium, manganese, etc., and regulate the body's metabolism, improve body immunity, the high blood pressure, heart disease, leukemia, leukemia, edema, the prevention and treatment of cystitis, etc, has a strong inhibitory action and pharmacological effect.

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Fresh Bananas

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Fresh Bananas

Banana, Musaceae, Musa plant, also refers to its fruit. Food is widely cultivated in the tropics. Banana flavor, rich nutrition, can harvest all the year, in temperate regions also very important. The plant is a large herb, from the rhizomes, and is formed from the lower part of the sheath to form a false rod of 3 ~ 6 meters (10 ~ 20 feet). The leaves are rounded to the oval, ranging from 3 to 3.5 meters (10 to 11.5 feet), 65 centimeters (26 inches) wide, and 10 to 20 clusters of stem tops. Spline inflorescence, which is extracted from the tip of the false stem, with a large majority, pale yellow; Fruit-sequence bending, results 10 ~ 20 series, about 50 ~ 150. The plant results are dead, and the succules that grow from the roots of the roots continue to reproduce, and each one can live for years. Southeast Asia: cultivated in Taiwan, hainan, guangdong and guangxi.

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Apple belongs to the rose family, deciduous trees, elliptic, serrated; The fruit is spherical and sweet, is the common fruit, is also the most common fruit, rich in nutrition, is the world's four fruits (apple, grape, orange and banana) crown. Apples are usually red, but they are also yellow and green. Apple is a dicotyledonous plant, with a reddish or mauve color, a large number of self - sterile, cross-pollination, and the fruit is developed from ovary and receptacle. The flesh is crisp and sweet, helping to digest. Note: apple nuclear is poisonous. Please spit it out when you eat it. Please do not eat it, even if the juice is best removed.

Apple is a low-calorie food that produces only 60 kcal of heat per 100 grams. The nutrient content of apple is soluble, easy to be absorbed by the human body, so it is known as "fresh water", which is beneficial to dissolve sulfur elements and lubricate the skin. It also contains elements such as copper, iodine, manganese, zinc and potassium, and the body is dry, cracked and itchy when the body lacks these elements. Apply it to the dark circles where you can help remove dark circles.

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