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LED skin treatment

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Post Date : December 29
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3 colour LED omnilux revive beauty machine /acne treatment for sensitive skin

RED / BLUE / YELLOW LED & PDT photo therapy system
4.3 Inch Touch screen
Blue light 415nm---acne killer
High-purity blue light, which well matches with light absorption peak of propionibacterium acnes, can permeate into cortes below 0.25mm, destroy the living environment of bacillus, and relieve inflammation. Thus it can remove the acne from the skin as well as improving the scar. Meanwhile, the blue light keeps you calm. If the blue light is treated on part of forehead, you will feel relaxed, calm and comfortable.

Red light 630nm---skin rejuvenation
Highpurity red light can penetrate into deep level of the skin to increase microcirculation by photochemical activity, to stimulate metabolism and to accelerate cells refresh. Red light irradiation could increase effectively collagen cytoactive, speed up elimination waste matter or dead cell from the tissue and stimulate fibroblast growth. Therefore, the red light can repair impaired skin, smooth fine wrinkles, recover skin flexibility, improve dark complexion, leaving your skin tender, white and fresh. Furthermore, the red light can eliminate skin inflammation and has positive effect on cell pathological changes. The treatment is easy, soft, comfortable and effective.

Yellow light 590nm---Repair

Supply energy for skin cells, promote gland effect, assist digestion,cure skin diseases and enhance immunity ability.

Treatment theory:
LED medical treatment system, as the newest high-tech product, adopts the imported gene biology-wave lamp-house with over 99% original LED from America, with the unique transmitting technology by light signal in the world, not heat effect.

Red light:The red light's wavelength is 630 mm, it has the characteristics of high purity.It has notable effects in skin care, health care and cure, named as biologic active light. The red light can enhance the cells activity, promote cells metabolism, make skin excrete large munber of collagen protein and fiber tissue to fill on their own, accelerate blood circulation, increase skin elaaicity and improve withered and yellow,dank condition of skin.

*Blue light:Acne is mainly caused by acid bacillus,the Blue-light can destruct these bacteria with no injury to skin tissue, decrease acne as much as possible, decrease and cure acne during inflammation peuod in very shoat time.

*Purple light:Red and blue light is the dual-band light,it combines both the effectiveness of light therapy, especially useful in treating acid repairing acne and acne scars.

Mixed light
The Mix light of red and blue can improve the microcirculation to irritate the fabric cellular to enhance collagen and elastic fibers production, reconstruct the dermis collagen fabric structure, eliminate fine winkles, enhance stretch facial skin and effectively alleviate symptom of laxity so as to change the roughness dark tone of facial skin

The advantages of PDT SYSTEM therapy:
?Stimulates the bodies own cellular mechanisms by photomodulation
?Not a laser or an IPL so no heat, no side effects or downtime.
?Non-invasive, non-ablative safe therapy.
?No damage to sub-dermal tissue
?Relaxing and calming experience
?Allows treatment of large areas such as the face and chest
?Simple to operate
?Economically viable

1.Do I require an initial consultation?
Yes, an initial consultation will be required with one of our medical aestheticians who will assess your skin condition and recommend an appropriate course of Pulse Light Therapy. This may be combined with other treatments, such as skin peels, to achieve optimum results.

2.How long does the treatment take?
Your first treatment will take 45 minutes, allowing for 'before' photographs to be taken by the medical aesthetician. Ongoing treatments will typically be 30 minute appointments, twice per week at a minimum of 48 hours apart and 20 minute treatment time.

3.How does it work?
PDT SYSTEM is a completely new approach to the treatment of acne, and offers an alternative or support to oral and topical acne medications.The light treatment will assist with minimising the redness of acne lesions and promote healthier skin by targeting specific cells in order to stimulate deeper skin rejuvenation. Increased blood flow also helps to increase tissue oxygenation and detoxification.

4.Is the treatment painful?
The treatment is safe, pain free and non-invasive. There is no recovery time.

5.How long do the results last?
Patients with mild to moderate skin conditions report a significant successful treatment response with an optimum reduction in inflammatory lesions of 73% 4-8 weeks post-treatment.
Monthly maintenance visits are recommended to maintain results.
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Opdivo (Nivolumab): 12 vials (10ml) of Opdivo 100mg/10ml = $6,463.39

Opdivo (Nivolumab): 12 vials (10ml) of Opdivo 100mg/10ml = $6,463.39

Opdivo (Nivolumab): 12 vials (10ml) of Opdivo 100mg/10ml = $6,463.39
OPDIVO (nivolumab) is indicated for the treatment of patients with unresectable or metastatic melanoma and disease progression following ipilimumab and, if BRAF V600 mutation positive, a BRAF inhibitor. OPDIVO (nivolumab) is also indicated for the treatment of patients with metastatic squamous non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) with progression on or after platinum-based chemotherapy. OPDIVO (nivolumab) treat your melanoma or lung cancer by working with your immune system. OPDIVO can cause your immune system to attack normal organs and tissues in many areas of your body and can affect the way they work. These problems can sometimes become serious or life-threatening and can lead to death. These problems may happen anytime during treatment or even after your treatment has ended.
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