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Dried Goji Berries Organic Wolfberry

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Dried Goji Berries Organic Wolfberry Wolfberry is the oldest and most magical health care plant in China. Why Ningxia is the birthplace of the world wolfberry and authentic origin?

Thought there is plenty of sunshine, effective high temperature, large temperature difference between day and night, originated in the intersection of Liupan Mountain and the Yellow River flood alluvial soil mineral content is extremely rich, unique

water quality

Goji Wolfberry Soup and Tea

This unique "plug in the south" geographical environment and small area climate for the growth of wolfberry provides the best natural environment, to large grain fresh, thin fleshy, pure taste, sweet and refreshing features.

Therefore, known as "the world goji Ningxia" in the world.
We "Xixia source" Chinese wolfberry, Ning Ning Zhong Ning selection of Chinese wolfberry, grain full, attractive particles, similar products in the country are outstanding, far ahead.

"Western Xiayuan" Chinese wolfberry, a unique climate in order to produce nutritious and delicious wolfberry; into the water is not easy to sink, 90% floating on the surface; using water and fertilizer integration technology to ensure the health of Chinese wolfberry; 12 to avoid washing process, multiple processes to ensure that the wolfberry to the disposable standard Food safety is guaranteed.

Healthy  Organic Goji Berries

Tea, wine, porridge, chewing clothes can be. A cup of wolfberry tea, enjoy a beautiful day; two wolfberry wine, taste happy life. A bowl of wolfberry breakfast porridge, nourishing stomach good body. Chewing orally, absorbing more nutrition wolfberry.

Good wolfberry is not only the quality, choose "Xixia source", choose your good health quality.
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