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Almond flavored milk drink

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Almond flavored milk drink

Almonds have a lot of nutritional value, almond drink also has the same effect. Sweet almond is not only rich in unsaturated fat, vitamin E, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and other minerals, easily absorbed by the body, summer eating, can not only beauty, as well as anti obesity.

Basic Information


2.Packing:Tin or Can


4.shelf life:24 months

5.delievery time:within 50-60 days after receive advance payment

6.Ingredient:water, almond, sugar, sodium hydrogen carbonate, emulsifier, potassium acesulfame, flavoring essence


Production process

Nutritional value

1. Nutritious and delicious

Coconut water as a natural plant protein drinks, taste mellow, rich coconut seasons, suitable for people of all ages

2. Replenishing spleen

Coconut milk is rich in potassium, magnesium and other minerals, Coconut composition is similar to intracellular fluid, Correctable dehydration and electrolyte imbalance, replenishing spleen, fluid diuresis.

3. Insecticidal eliminate ricket

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Peeling white  sesame seeds

Peeling white sesame seeds

Peeling white sesame seeds
Peeling white sesame seeds

The white sesame has high oil content, white color, full grain, thin skin, good taste, and aftertaste.White sesame and its products are rich in nutrition and anti-aging. White sesame seeds are rich in vitamin e, can prevent lipid peroxidation of the skin harm, offset or neutralize the accumulation of harmful substances in the body free radicals, can make the skin white and moist, and to prevent a variety of skin inflammation.

Peeling white sesame seeds

Product Name

natural white sesame seeds




No speckle, no mould, No sudan red 1,2,3,4. No heavy metal, no pesticide, Hand selected


Natural white

Shelf life

12 months


1% max


14% max

White Sesame Seeds Nutrition information


per 100g

Nutrition Reference Value%





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Halal bouillon cube chicken flavor

Halal bouillon cube chicken flavor

Halal bouillon cube chicken flavor
Halal bouillon cube chicken flavor

Seasoning cube/ chicken cube

we can supply lots kind of flavour cube such as chicken,shrimp,beef,fish,onion,tomato,vegetable,garlic,chilly, fried rice ,classic taste,original taste,size have 4g 5g 8g and 10g. We can provide customers with samples freely, only need customers to stand the freight rate,

Basic Information

1.Gram: 4g, 5g, 8g ,10g

2.Flavour: chicken,shrimp,beef,fish,onion,tomato,vegetable,garlic,chilly, fried rice ,classic taste,original taste

3. Out-packing of carton: Five corrugated paper

4.certification: FDA,HALAL,BRC,HACCP,ISO

5.shelf life:24 month

6.delievery time:within 15-25 days after receive advance payment

7.Ingredient: salt, palm oil, flavor enhancers, chicken (shrimp,beef,etc ) extract, MSG, etc

8.Brand:OEM is Accept

Photo of cube




Packaging Information



10g/pc ,48pcs/box, 30boxes/carton 1850ctns/20ftc

10g/pc ,60pcs/box, 24boxes/carton 1850ctns/20ftc

10g/pc,100pcs/box, 12boxes/carton 2160ctns/20ftc

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