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Spiny Lobster

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Spiny lobsters are sold fresh live and frozen in raw tails and meat as well as whole. Spiny lobsters are typically graded by the ounce and fresh supply is mostly available before the new year. These warmwater lobster tails will be smooth and have a spotted, greenish shell. It has a soft texture, delicate flavor and is frequently marketed as warm water tails.

Sizes - 300-500 grams

500-800 grams

800 - 1200 grams

1200 + grams

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Items Specification
Putity (%): >99.0
Transmittance(%): >98
Specific Rotation: +24.8---+ 25.3
Chloride(%): <0.1
PH: 6.2-7.2
Max moisture(%) : <0.5
Arsenic mas(mg/kg): <0.5
Fe(mg/kg): <5

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