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Methanol / Methyl Alcohol 99.9%min ;CAS: 67-56-1

  • USD 1000 - 1200 / Metric Ton  [Get Latest Price]
  • 5 Metric Ton/Metric Tons
  • Tubang
  • C2H6O2
  • Used in the manufacture of resin
  • Tubang
  • Tag:Methanol / Methyl Alcohol 99.9%min ;CAS: 67-56-1
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Item specifics

Used in the manufacture of resin
Monoethylene glycol
Used in the manufacture of resin
Agriculture Grade,Electron Grade



Physical and chemical properties

Methanol, also known as: wood alcohol, wood alcohol. Colorless, transparent, highly volatile, flammable liquid. A slight odor of alcohol. Relative density 0.792 (20 / 4 °C). Melting point -97.8 °C. Boiling point 64.5 °C. Flash point of 12.22 °C. Self-ignition point of 463.89 °C. Vapor density of 1.11. Vapor pressure 13.33KPa (100mmHg 21.2 °C). Steam and air mixture explosion 6 ~ 36.5% lower limit. With water, ethanol, ether, benzene, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons and many other organic solvents miscible phase. When hot, open flame or fire-oxidants easy.


One of the basic organic raw materials. Widely used in the main fine chemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical, forest products processing and other fields of basic organic chemical raw materials, can be developed more than 100 kinds of high value-added chemical products, especially after the deep-processing as a new type of clean fuel and add blended with gasoline, and its more and more broad development prospects.



Chroma (Pt / Co)<5



Acetone + acetaldehyde


Distillation Range(64±0.1°C)1.0






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basic organic chemical liquid methanol (cas 107-21-1)

basic organic chemical liquid methanol (cas 107-21-1)

basic organic chemical liquid methanol (cas 107-21-1)

Quick Details

Classification: Alcohol CAS No.: 107-21-1 Other Names: Mono Ethylene Glycol /MEG
MF: C2H6O2 EINECS No.: 203-473-3 Place of Origin: Malaysia
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade Purity: 99.9% Appearance: colourless sticky liquid
Application: resolvent,antifreezer

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: 230kg plastic drums,18.4MTS into one 20'FCL. Or in Flexitanks, 20MTs per tank
Delivery Detail: within 7 days


Index content
Purity (Ethylene Glycol) % 99.0 min
Diethylenglycol % 0.05 max
Iron ppm 0.1 max
Water, % 0.1 max
Color 10 max
Ash Content ppm 10 max
Specific Gravity (at 20/20ºC) 1.1150 to 1.1158
Distillation at 760mm Hg 195-199 °C


Used in the manufacture of resin, plasticizer, synthetic fiber, cosmetics and explosive, and used as solvent and antifreeze of engine

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High Quality Lithium Carbonate with Good Price

High Quality Lithium Carbonate with Good Price

High Quality Lithium Carbonate with Good Price

Industry Grade Lithium Carbonate/Li2O3 with CAS 554-13-2

Lithium Carbonate Property:

White powder in monoclinic crystal with fluidity, slightly soluble in water and soluble in acid, but insoluble in alcohol, acetone and liquid ammonia.

Density: 2.11g/cm3,

melting point: 723oC;

Boiling point 1230oC.

Lithium carbonate has been used in psychiatry since the 1950’s to treat mania and depressive disorders. It is an element with a positive charge similar to sodium and potassium. In cells, lithium interferes with other positively charged atoms important to many cellular functions. It interferes with neurotransmitter production and uptake. Current biological studies are looking into lithium treatment for additional CNS disorders such as Alzheimer’s disease.

Lithium Carbonate Specification:

Purity Specification Lithium Carbonate
Li2CO3 min% 99.99 99.999
Impurities max. ppm. Pb 1 1
Cu 1 0.5
Co 1 0.5
Ni 1 0.5
Fe 3 1
Al 3 1
Mn 1 0.5
Zn 3 2
Cd 5 0.5
Cr 1 1
Mg 5 2
Ca 10 5
Na 10 5
K 10 3
Si 10 5
F 50 5
Tl / 1
Ba 5 5
Rb / 1
Cs / 1
Sr / 2

Lithium Carbonate Applications:

Widely used in aluminum electrolysis, special glass, pottery, ceramic glaze and enamel industries; Able to be converted lithium-contained compounds such as LiCl, LiF, LiBr, Lithium hydroxide Monohydrate, etc.


25kgs woven bag or as per customer's requirements.

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