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Solar module flammability test chamber

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  • SRI
  • 12 months
  • RS-61730
  • Tag: Solar module flammability test chamber, photovoltaic panel flammability chambers
  • Supplier - Serve Real Instruments Co.,Ltd
  • China (Mainland)China (Mainland)
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Post Date : June 29
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12 months
China (Mainland),Jiangsu
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Standards: ISO 11925-2: 2010,IEC61730-2: 2016

The flammability chamber is specially designed for solar module, photovoltaic panel, equipped with purging system, the max sample size up to W1.2*H2.2, the sample can be put in from front side.

Technical specifications

Chamber size: l1500mm X w900mm x h2700mm

Gate size: 1300mm*2600mm

Max allowed sample 1200mm*2200mm, the sample holder can be adjusted to fit for different sample

Burning time default as 15s, can freely set

USA branded burner with inner dia. Φ0.17mm, and 4 air adjustment hole with dia. 4mm

Japan branded burning gas flow control valve with flame height controlled at 20mm±1mm

Burning gas pressure:10kpa-50 kpa

Burning angle: 0°, 45°

Wind speed: < vertically 0.2m/s when distant to 5cm of sample surface, horizontal direction <0.1m/s

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Dual-beam infrared spectrophotometer

Dual-beam infrared spectrophotometer

Dual-beam infrared spectrophotometer


The dual-beam Infrared Spectrophotometer is kind of an Indispensable equipment for test laboratory, it can record the Infrared absorption spectrum and reflection spectrum of material 4000-400cm-1, using domestic DTGS receiver, reliable quality, low maintenance cost.


Adopting high power dual blazed grating covers the entire operating band

High quality DTGS as receiving part guarantee high performance and stability

Equipped professional software provide compare function, user can build own spectrum databse

USB 2.0 interface

Audit trail function: The software adds audit trail function and can realize “three-level management authority”. Only the general administrator can operate functions such as data backup and data restoration.

Operate under WINXP, WIN 7 system

Technical specifications



wave number

4000-400 (cm-1)

wave number accuracy

±4(4000-2000)cm-1, ±2(2000-400)cm-1

wave number repeatability(cm-1)

2(4000-2000), 1(2000-400)


1.5(around 1000), Polystyrene can distinguish 7 absorption peaks around 3000, peak height 1%,

Transmission accuracy(%T)

±0.2(not including noise level)

Miscellaneous light(%T)

0.5 (4000-650cm-1),1(650-400cm-1)

Baseline flatness(%T)


Horizontal and vertical coordinate expansion


Measurement mode

Transmittance, absorbance, single beam (energy)

Scanning speed

(quick, fast, normal, slow, very slow) selectable

Slit width

(very wide, wide, normal, narrow, very narrow) five options

Way of working

(Continuous scanning, repeated scanning, fixed wavelength scanning) three options


(quick, fast, normal, slow) four options

Overall size (mm)


Data transmission


Operating Voltage

AC220V 50Hz, 200W

Operating system

WINXP, WIN7 system

Weight (kg)

Approx. 50

Ambient temperature (°C)


Relative humidity

<65%(No condensation)

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FTIR Spectrometer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR Spectrometer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

FTIR Spectrometer, Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer

The Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) Spectrometer is an analytical instrument that uses the Fourier transform technique to obtain the infrared spectroscopy from interference spectroscopy. It’s widely used in pharmaceutical, petroleum, chemical, environmental protection, food, materials science, public security, national defense, jewelery industries.


Good stability

New type Michelson self-compensation optical system, dynamic calibration, compact size

High test speed and accuracy

High sensitivity, equipped with DLATGS detector, real time acquisition of spectrum data, USB 2.0 interface improved the data transmission rate, only needs second to test a sample;

Good environmental applicability

The interferometer uses multiple seals to prevent moisture and dust, and the visual silicone window facilitates observation and replacement.

Strong extensibility

Large sample cell can do transmission test, attenuated total reflection test, mirror reflection test, etc.

Audit trail function

The software adds an audit trail function and can implement “three-level management authority”. Only the general administrator has the access of functions of data backup and data restoration.

Easy debugging

No need open when adjusting the interferometer

Easy maintenance

Desiccant replacement without to open the machine

Technical specifications

Light source Imported long life high-intensity air-cooled ceramic infrared light source

Detector Imported low noise DLATGS

Wave number(cm-1)7800-375,±0.01


Scan rate(mm/S)2mm/S

Signal/noise ratio15,000: 1(RMS value, near 2100 cm-1, 4 cm-1 resolution, 1 minute data acquisition)

Baseline flatness ≤0.1%T

Beam splitterImported multi-layer coating KBr

Hole dia. ratio1/3.2

Laser VCSEL laser

Sample beam sample 10 mm

Beam dia. 30 mm

InterferometerAutomatic calibration

Clean functionyes

Overall dim. 590×390×190 mm

Sample cell size 200×260×160 mm

Data transmissionUSB2.0

Power supplyAC:220V 50Hz; DC:12V 40W

Operation systemWINXP, WIN7 operation system

Net weight 26 kg

Ambient temperature 15-28°C

Relative humidity <65%(No condensation)

Configuration list

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer Host

AC power adapter and cable

USB data cable

Standard checker

Color change silica gel (desiccant)

Quick Operation Guide

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