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Anhydrous Lithium Chloride

Post Date : May 24
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The raw material of lithium metal and other high quality products

1) Appearance: white crystal
2) Purity: 99%
3) Moisture: 0.60% max.
4) Sulfates: 0.01% max.
5) Fe: 0.002% max.
6) CaCl2: 0.03% max.
7) Na, K: 0.03% max.
8) BaCl2: 0.03% max.
9) Li2CO3: 0.025% max.
10) Insoluble in HCl: 0.005% max.

Inner packing: 25kg bags
Conveyance: Qty/20' FCL: 20MT

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Ink cartridge refilling machine ZF-07B

Ink cartridge refilling machine ZF-07B

Ink cartridge refilling machine ZF-07B

The newest ZF-07B refill machine:A breakthrough in vacuum refilling technique, non-destructive refilling through vent hole

ZF-07B applies the unique technology of vacuum refilling through ink ventilation holes, which is completely different from the traditional method as filling through nozzle. There is no need to insert the needle into the cartridge, or pull apart the label of the cartridge, or open the cover or ball bearing. No damage whatsoever will be done to the original cartridge---This is our patented technical product ZF-07B refilling machines unique function, which will bring you convenience and fastness you never have before.
1. Unique designed and first in the world non-destructive refilling through vent hole patented technique which using special designed non-destructive cartridge clamp to realize the close connection between cartridge and vent hole, fit in and off the cartridge very convenient. Unique magnetic force can make the clamp remove and replace the machine freely, it also can cater to the future cartridge.
2. Attached thirteen frequent used clamps which adapt to almost all the ordinary cartridges such as HP, CANON, LEXMARK,SUNSUMG, LENOVO, EPSON, DELL etc.
3. First adopt the blue background LCD screen show the indication, its easy to learn and use, simple and convenient, It also can realize the automatic and programmed operation.
4. Special designed small touch keyboard and button can control the pipeline and the operation process accurately
5. The newest designed twelve pipeline refilling system can refilling different brand cartridges of? single colour, tri-colour, five-colour simultaneously, no need to bother with ink frequent exchanging. At the same time, it adding the ink return function which avoid waste ink.
6. Elaborate designed the refilling ink system which avoid pollute your hand when taking out the suck-ink pipeline while exchanging ink bottle. Filling ink is just need to pour the ink into the ink container, and its very easy and convenient to clean and exchange the ink container.

1. Inner power manual switch and special designed plastic antisepsis solenoid valve, no need to maintain, the whole structure convenient maintenance design was greatly improve its reliability and stability.

2. Making full use of the vacuum protected system with the manual double wasted liquid jar and oil & water segregator, it is completely avoid the waste liquid into the vacuum pump, Therefore the vacuum and systems using life were greatly improved.

3. It adding the pipeline thirteen ink draw off function in the mean time which can help you solve slight colour mixed and nozzle plugged problems.

ZF-07B type refilling machine is really a advanced technical product, it initiate a new era in the refilling technology, it is the first non-destructive vacuum refilling machine in the world. Its most advantage is clean, convenient, fast, and stable. It avoid to dirty your hands when replace and refill ink. Unique blue background LCD screen menu show function can teach you the basic refilling knowledge within ten minutes, refilling become simple and interesting from now on

1) Weight: 40kg
2) Voltage: 220V 50Hz or 110V 50Hz
3) Power: 180W
4) Control mode: automatic
Suitable users:
1) All big, medium and small professional ink refill companies
2) Computer accessory specific department in a computer sales company
Inner packing:
Dimensions (L x W x H): 80 x 40 x 45cm
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High Precision Composite Pipe Machinery

High Precision Composite Pipe Machinery

High Precision Composite Pipe Machinery

1) Basic Components: feeding rack, storing chamber, main machine, computer directed sw

Features:1) Basic Components: feeding rack, storing chamber, main machine, computer directed swirl cutter2) Main technical parameters: a) ZG25Unit: i) Diameter of welded tubes: 8-25.4mm ii) Wall thichness of welded tube: 0.3-0.5mm iii) Speed of tube welding: 10-35m/min iv) Power of major mator: 15kW v) High frequency power: 60kW b) ZG32Unit: i) Diameter of welded tubes: 13-32 ii) Wall thichness of welded tube: 0.4-0.8mm iii) Speed of tube welding: 10-35m/min iv) Power of major mator: 22kW v) High frequency power: 60kW
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