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Digital Multimeter

  • Lianying
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  • Wenzhou, China
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Post Date : May 24
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Wenzhou, China
T/T,T/T, L/C


It can operate easily and it is portable.

There are all kinds of the teaching instrument for your referrence.
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Throat, Heart, Lung Anatomize

Throat, Heart, Lung Anatomize

Throat, Heart, Lung Anatomize

It applies for primary, secondary level and medical colleges.

Human Thoracic Organs:

Shows the thoracic organs include two-part larynx, two-part of heart, trachea and bronchial tree, subclavian artery and vein, vena cava, aorta, pulmonary arery, esophagus, and diaphragm. Two front half lungs are removable.

The 1st class model is mouned and shows the following features:

2-part larynx (removable)

Trachea with bronchial tree

2-part heart (removable)

subclavian artery and rein

Vena cava


Pulmonary artery


2 lungs (front halves removable)



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Demonstrating Current-Voltmeter

Demonstrating Current-Voltmeter

Demonstrating Current-Voltmeter

Packing:N.W 1.45Kgs,

Size: 27x12x30cm(LxWxH)

Measurement range:

DCA: -500uA--0--+500uA


DCV: 0--5--10V

ACA: 0--10--100mA--1--5A

ACV: 0--10--50--250V

Basic error: ±2.5%

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