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Turbo Evaporator

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Turbo Evaporator .

Turbo Evaporator:-

We are engaged in offering turbo evaporator. Our range of turbo evaporator can be customized as per customer requirement. These turbo evaporator are available with following specification:

Principle SpecificationsLC-MSLC-MS-MS (for sciex model)Turbo Evaporator
Moisture5 ppm5 ppm
Total Hydro Carbon< 1 ppm< 1 ppm
Co & Co2< 2 ppm< 2 ppm
Micro Particulates< 1.10µ< 1.10µ< 1.10µ
Capacity of N26 to 30 LPM at 100 psig12 LPM at 100 psig
(filtered zero air)
50 to 700 LPM
Generator(as per selectio of model)8 LPM at 60 psig (purified dry air)
4 LPM at 60 psig (pure nitrogen)
At 60 psig (as per selectio of model)
Method of purificationPressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)Pressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)Pressure Swing Adsortion (PSA)
Room temperature5°C to 25°C5°C to 25°C5°C to 25°C
Start Up time1 hrs/ programmable timer1 hrs/ programmable timer1 hrs
Electrical requirements without compressors230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps230 V AC , 50 Hz, 1ph, 2 Amps
Dimensions of N2 Generators in mtr. (without compressor)1.5 H x 0.8W x 0.8 D (approx)
(as per selectio of model)
2 H x 1W x 1 D (approx)
(as per selectio of model)
2 H x 1W x 1 D
(as per selectio of model)

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Bath Sonicator

Bath Sonicator

Bath Sonicator

Bath Sonicator .

Bath Sonicator:-

We offer ultrasonic bath sonicator with the principal of ultrasonic cleaner which is high frequency electrical energy is converted into ultrasound waves by means of ultrasonic tranducers, which are bonded on the base of S.S. Water Tank. These ultrasonic bath sonicator are high frequency sound waves create in the liquid countless, Microscopic Vacuum Bubbles, which repidly expand and collapse. This phenomenon is CAVITATION. These bubbles act like miniature high speed brushes, driving the liquid in to all openings and minutes recesses of the object immersed in the liquid. Intense scrubbing of Cavitation cleans away all the dirt and soil from the object immersed and the object is perfectly cleaned. Intricate objects can be cleaned with either complete or little Dismanting.


  • Laboratory: For Glassware, Filter Cleaning & HPLC Mobile Phase, Degassing
  • Industrial: Semi-Conductors, Electronic Components, Precious Part & Mechanisms.
  • Medical: Dental & Surgical Instruments.
  • Opticals: Spectacles, Spectacle Frames, Lenses
  • Jewellery: For all kinds of Jewellery, Precious Stones etc.
  • TO REMOVE: Dust, Oils, Greases, Polishing Compounds, Waxes, Swarf, Stains,Soils and any other contaminant.

Technical Specification:

  • Operating frequency 33 +/-3 Khz, for all general purpose cleaning is highly recommended. Frequency of 50 Khz is also available.
  • Input Voltage range of 170VAC -270VAC, 50Hz, I Ph.
  • Micro Controller based timer range 0 to 30/99 minutes (standard is 0 to 30 min.)
  • Thermostatic heating with control.
  • Digital Temperature Controller (optional) if required.

Salient Features:

  • Easy to operate & made of one piece S.S. Tank
  • Indigenously manufactured with advanced MOSFET technology, with Auto-tuning facility.
  • Digital Tuning of Transducers with Generators to avoid any frequency shifted even during demanding applications.
  • Compact, rugged and highly durable systems.
  • Extensively protected electronic, circuits means longer and safer operations.

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We are engaged in offering HPLC oven. Our range of HPLC oven are available with following specification:

Salient Features

  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Digital display of set & actual temp
  • Insures Reproducible Analysis
  • Accepts Varieties Of Column Sizes
  • Assures Safe, Accurate Control Action
  • Assures Safe Accurate Control action

Model Selection:

  • HCO-01 Separate Oven &Temp Controller
  • HCO-02 Inbuilt temperature controller & Oven
  • HCO-03 Inbuilt heating of Rheodyne Injector
  • HCO-04 Force air circulation heting type oven
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