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HOTSUMA Taka-Makie Stickers

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Post Date : May 24
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HOTSUMA Taka-Makie Stickers
For mobile phone, PC and various items
Decorative Sticker
To be confirmed
Makie Stickers


HOTSUMA Taka-Makie Stickers. We apply the Japanese traditional art "Makie" to the easy but elegant raised transfer sticker!

HOTSUMA Taka-Makie Stickers from Japan

We apply the Japanese traditional art "Makie" to the easy, but elegant raised transfer sticker!

"Taka-Makie" is the refined technique originated in Japanese traditional lacquerware. We reproduced the elegance and gorgeousness of it to enjoy more easily.


Japanese great items with traditional Makie art.

MAKIE is Japanese lacquer sprinkled with gold or silver powder as a decoration using a MAKIZUTSU(a pipe) or a brush. The technique was developed mainly in the Heian Period (794 -1185) and blossomed in the Edo Period (1603-1868). It is a decoration of gold and silver powder on the surface of household items, furniture and building interior.


JAPANESE Art on your Cellphone! Japan MAKIE Cell Phone Stickers

This gold relief lacquer was originally used as a means of expressing power and nobility among court nobles, military leaders and the royal family. Just try our novel and delicate Makie-Art, "Hotsuma Aesthete." You can optionally arrange brilliant rhinestones on pits of Aesthete


JAPANESE Art on your PC !

Here are products based on"Makie-art."
Makie-art is the original, unique Makie sticker appling Japanese traditional art.


Make your camera only your original item with JAPANESE Art !


JAPANESE Art even on your HELMET - it's so unique and cool !

Basic "How to Put Makie Art in case of mobile phone"


(1) Wipe off any dust, moisture or grease from the surface where you want to transfer the

(2) Take the base paper/film off. It's easier to peel off the base from the side with the simpler, less intricate, patterns. Lift the top film, roll the base paper/film away so that the pattern stays on the transparent top film.

(3) Place the film with the pattern face down on to the surface where you want it to stick. Do not touch the pattern with your finger and be careful not to leave a wrinkle or an air bubble trapped under the surface when you place it. Be careful. Once the HOTSUMA MAKI-E ART Decal Sticker is placed on the surface, you cannot re-position it.

(4) Using your nail or similar object, carefully rub the H.M onto the surface. Pay attention especially to fine lines and edges. Insufficient rubbing may cause the H.M not to stick to the surface.

(5) After enough rubbing, peel off the transparent film carefully, rolling it upwards. The HOTSUMA MAKI-E ART Decal Sticker should now be transferred to the desired surface, but if it still seems to be stuck on the film, repeat the rubbing to make sure of the transfer.

Note : The use of transparent nail polish coat increases durability.

How to remove : Sticker Scraper (as an optional product) helps to remove stickers easily.

CAUTION. Please read before you start.
It is your own responsibility to use this product. In rare cases, the HOTSUMA MAKI-E ART Decal Sticker may not stick to some materials. Please be patient and careful when removing the top film, since, occasionally, the paint of the surface where the H.M was transferred may come off as well depending on the conditions of the surface such as scratches, ageing or coating method. Designed for durability and toughness, the H.M is naturally not easy to get off, but it can be done - take time, be patient and take it off little by little. Only use this product when you fully understand this instruction.

•This product conforms to safety standards for toys (chemical properties regulation), however,
do not put the HOTSUMA MAKI-E ART Decal Sticker on any tableware where food or mouth may have contact.
•Always supervise its use by children.
•Do not put the H.M on cookware such as pans, kettles or pots, that may be heated.
•Do not put the item with the H.M in the dishwasher or microwave.

HOTSUMA Makie LED Lights

We can also supply LED lights in various types for you, so please don't hesitate to contact us.


HOTSUMA Makie's beautiful LED Lights!

For more information and inquiry, please contact us.
Akira Honda - Eclovea K.K.


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Because of an increase in sightseers and the associated problems they cause, the market had banned all tourists from the tuna auctions on several occasions. Visitor entry into the interior wholesale markets is prohibited until after 9 AM. Inspectors from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government supervise activities in the market to enforce the Food Hygiene Law.


MSC-certified salmon: also available from Kamewa Shoten

Please contact us for further information. We will be happy to reply all over the world.

For more information and inquiry, please contact us.
Akira Honda - Eclovea K.K.



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Green Tea Oil

Green Tea Oil

Green Tea Oil

Green Tea Oil is the first in the world botanical oil-soluble Catechin.

GREEN TEA OIL from Japan!

Green Tea Oil is the first in the world botanical oil-soluble Catechin which is extracted from green tea base powder through a globally-patented manufacturing process.

Oil extracted from green tea plant is used since many centuries for healing body oils. It is very effective healing oil which helps in rejuvenates particular part of body and reducing aches like back ache, headache. Commercial manufacturer doing production of green tea oil packs this oil inside bottle, for the person who rejuvenate and even for professional masseurs.


The origin of green tea oil is in Japan

Apart of that, it is also well known for its fragrance and is found in market in perfume form too. Green tea oil perfume is generally used in home for making home atmosphere delightful and pleasant where its high quality gives a fresh and crisp scent which is excellent to use in any room and can be used daily as room freshener. Production cost of this oil is some what more expensive compared to aromatherapy oil as it is not easily available in market and cost of production is higher than that of other common oils. Though it is expensive compared to other oil many people uses this oil product in regular life as it keeps mind fresh and its fragrance gives relax and makes stress free.

In clinical treatment also green tea oil is proved very much successful same as green tea drinks as it used in many medicines and for medical purpose. These oils are well known when it is for such problems like hepatitis, bacterial dysentery, amoebic dysentery and gastroenteritis. Even green tea is famous for vitamin P activity and anti-atherosclerotic effects thus, it is also believed as real green tea oil since it is product made from tea seed.

Cathechin is a type of tannin found in tea leaves, known for its anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, fat-burning and odour-eliminating properties. Green Tea Oil is a botanical oil-soluble Catechin, combining Jojoba Oil, Squalane from Olive Oil and natural Vitamin E. Catechin is a type of tannin found in tea leaves. It is known for its anti-oxidant, anti-bacteria, fat-burning and odour-eliminating properties.


Volume : 80ml per bottle

Oil-soluble Catechin has the ability to penetrate deep down the skin's lower layers to restore moisture and elasticity, as well as replenish skin lipids which are essential to prevent skin water loss as compared to the conventional water-soluble Catechin.

We all know the benefits of Green Tea, which is good as an Anti-Bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal and Anti-aging. But most people don't know, that in an oil base, it's also good as a fat burning, body shaping and anti-cellulite too.


Green Tea Beuaty

Features & Benefits

Protect : Cathechin is a powerful antioxidant that protects your skin from UV damage
Moisturise : Penetrates skin quickly and deeply, giving you optimum hydration without greasy feel
Anti-septic : Helps wound healing and stops irritation from insect bites
Anti-aging : Eliminates fine lines, scars, pigmentation and reduces appearance of pores
Fat-burning : Increases fat metabolism and reduces cellulite
Anti-bacteria : Excellent to treat pimples and acne
Anti-fungal : Prevents foot and body odour and nappy rashes safely
Hair Care : Treats damaged, dyed, chemically treated hair and adds shine, softness and smoothness to your hair

Green Tea Oil is manufactured through a 100% natural process from high quality green tea leaves. The green tea leaves used in CoCo Green™ are grown organically without agricultural chemicals. It contains much higher amount of Catechin compared to other green tea leaves. The natural green color and fragrance of the Green Tea Oil feels like no other on your skin.


With its superior moisture retention and skin protection abilities, Green Tea Oil can be used from head to toe. Green Tea Oil is suitable for the entire family including children above 6 months.

For more information and inquiry, please contact us.
Akira Honda - Eclovea K.K.


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