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Newton's Rings Apparatus

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Post Date : May 25
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Haryana India


Pair of glass plates 50mm diameter, one plane, the other slightly convex with radius of curvature 2000mm mounted together.

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Joules Calorimeter

Joules Calorimeter

Joules Calorimeter

Consists of a copper vessel with outer vessel of teak wood fitted with bakelite top.

a) Joules Calorimeter :- (Electrical ) Consists of a copper vessel with outer vessel of teak wood fitted with bakelite top with hole for thermometer and stirrer. The terminals connected to a coil of wire for current up to 3 amps w/o thermometer.b) Joule Calorimeter :- (Electrical) Same as above but with Copper vessel.c) Joules Calorimeter :- (Electrical) Extra Superior quality with inner copper calorimeter and outer vessal also of copper of Bakelite top with special stirrer.d) Pyrometer :- With three test rods of different metal and a spirit furnace. The whole apparatus is of metal and with engraved scale.e) Joules Calorimeter :- Pay type
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Heavy round base with precisely designed body.

Focusing : Sensitive focusing, done by rack and pinion arrangement. Revolving arm provided for moving magnifying lens over full stage area. Stage : 85mm x 75mm with glass plate. Illumination : A plano-concave lens fitted in fork for light reflection. Optics : 10x & 20x EyepiecesOLYMPUS (DM) Pattern complete with metal fitting and special eye piece brass mounted 10X, 20X. Baker type base in Plywood box.

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