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  • J740 / J640
  • Ulsan South Korea
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J740 / J640
Ulsan South Korea
54 Ton/Tons per Day


The P.P resin

The isotactic index of widely-used PP is between 94 and 97%. However, High isotactic polypropylene, developed by Hyosung, is proud of having an isotactic index of at least 98.5%. As the isotactic index increases, the degree of PP crystallinity increases, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the physical properties and heat resistance of PP. PP, with such a high isotactic index, is called high isotactic polypropylene (HIPP) or high crystallinity polypropylene (HCPP).

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The EPS resin

The EPS resin, produced by suspension polymerization, is divided into flame retardant, general-purpose and low foaming products by purpose. EPS products are manufactured through a processing procedure that includes preliminary foaming, digestion and molding, and it is lightweight, retentive of warmth, impact-resistant and of good processability. It is widely used in adiabatic materials, impact-absorbing packaging materials, fishery box, Robot tray and special.

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The SAN resin

The SAN resin is copolymer of Acrylonitrile(AN) having chemical resistance and Styrene(SM) of processability, and shows excellent tensile strength, flexural strength, impact resistance, creep resistance, wear resistance, and chemical resistance compared with GPPS. And it is used for electric and electronic parts, automobile, and industrial machinery, etc.
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