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Millipore Integritest 4 Series Automated Filter Integrity Test Instruments

Post Date : May 26
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The Integritest 4 instrument is an easy-to-use, portable, fully automated integrity test system.

Power Requirements
Voltage90–264 V / 50–60 Hz *
Current rating3.5 A
Compressed Gas
Inlet pressureClean, dry air or nitrogen source of 2.4 – 8.2 bar (35 – 120 psi) at least 1 bar (15 psi) greater than the highest test pressure
Operating pressure range, bar (psig)0.34 – 7.03 (5 – 102)
Storage temperature, °C-20–80
Operating temperature, °C1–40
Humidity5 to 95%, non-condensing
Nominal Dimensions
Height, cm (in.)37.2 (14.6)
Width, cm (in.)41.6 (16.4)
Depth, cm (in.)25.4 (10.0)
Weight, kg (lb)<15 (32)
Software operating systemWindows XP embedded
Port 15-pin DIN connector for service access
Port 2PS/2 Barcode Reader Input
Port 3*RJ45 for Ethernet connection
*Integritest 4N only
Test Accuracy (at standard, stable conditions)
Test TypeRangeAccuracy
Diffusion (Standard and Accelerated)Flow rates <20 mL/min≤1mL/min
Flow rates ≥20 mL/min (water)≤5%
Flow rates ≥20 mL/min (alcohol)≤10%
30 Second Diffusion*Flow rates <20 mL/min≤2 mL/min
Flow rates ≥20 mL/min≤15% /–10%
Bubble Point (BP) Standard345 – 6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)≤68.9 mbar (1 psig)
Bubble Point Asymmetric345 – 6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)<344.7 mbar (5 psig)
Accelerated BP Hydrophilic PVDF345 – 6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)≤137.9 mbar (2 psig)
Accelerated BP Hydrophobic PTFE345 – 6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)≤206.8 mbar (3 psig)
HydroCorrFlow rates <0.4 mL/min≤0.02 mL/min
Flow rates ≥0.4 mL/min≤5%
Virus DiffusionFlow rates <20 mL/min≤2 mL/min
Flow rates ≥20 mL/min≤10%
Pressure HoldPressure drops <69 mbar (1 psig)≤3.5 mbar (0.05 psi)
Pressure drops ≥69 mbar (1 psig)≤5%
*Used in accelerated enhanced bubble point and asymmetric enhanced bubble point tests.
Test Reproducibility (at standard, stable conditions)
Coefficient of variation (CV) or standard deviation (sn–1)
Test TypeRangeReproducibility
Diffusion*Flow rates <20 mL/minsn–1 ≤2 mL/min
Flow rates ≥20 mL/minCV ≤10%
All Bubble Point Tests345 – 6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)CV ≤10%
HydroCorrFlow rates <0.4 mL/minsn–1 ≤0.04 mL/min
Flow rates ≥0.4 mL/minCV ≤10%
Virus DiffusionFlow rates <20 mL/minsn–1 ≤2 mL/min
Flow rates ≥20 mL/minCV ≤10%
Pressure HoldPressure drops <69 mbar (1 psi)sn–1 ≤6.9 mbar (0.1 psi)
Pressure drops ≥69 mbar (1 psi)CV ≤10%
*Diffusion reproducibility and confidence are not specified for the 30 second diffusion test.
Test Specifications
Test TypeConfiguration RangeOperating Range
Diffusion*47 mm disks –
12 round x 30 in. systems
Capsules to TFF systems
Diffusion rate: 1 – 600 mL/min
Test pressure: 345–6550 mbar (5 – 95 psig)
Bubble Point
(All Except Accelerated Hydrophobic)
47 mm disks –
3 round x 30 in. systems
Test pressure: 345–6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)
Accelerated Hydrophobic Bubble Point47 mm disks –
1 round x 30 in. systems
Test pressure: 345–6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)
HydroCorr47 mm disks (Aervent-50) –
3 round x 30 in. systems
Test pressure: 345–6205 mbar (5 – 90 psig)
Flow rate: 0.01 – 10 mL/min
Virus Diffusion*25 mm disks –
3 round x 30 in. systems
Diffusion rate: 1 – 600 mL/min
Test pressure: 345–6550 mbar (5 – 95 psig)
Pressure HoldUp to 12 round x 30 in. systemsTest pressure: 345–6550 mbar (5 – 95 psig)
*Pneumatic flow rate is at least 2500 mL/min at 5516 mbar (80 psi).
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Millipore Steritest Equinox Pump

Millipore Steritest Equinox Pump

Millipore Steritest Equinox Pump

An intelligent liquid transfer pump for sterility testing
Sterility testing is one of the most crucial steps in pharmaceutical


Materials of Construction
Pump316L stainless steel frame, pump head, pump head cover, and bottle holder; polyester keypad and screen window
Drain TrayPolyacetal
Tubing for Drain TraySilicone
Dimensions and Weight
Pump for Laminar Flow HoodsPump for Isolators
Width, cm (in.)Pump: 35 (14); Pump fully equipped: 59 (23)Pump: 35 (14); Pump fully equipped: 59 (23)
Depth, cm (in.)Pump: 30 (12)
Pump Fully Equipped: 34 (13)
Pump: 32.2 (13)
Pump Fully Equipped: 35 (14)
Height, cm (in.)Pump: 25 (10); Pump Fully Equipped: 53 (21)Pump: 25 (10); Pump Fully Equipped: 53 (21)
Weight, kg (lb)Pump: 14 (31); Pump fully equipped: 17 (37)Pump: 18.5 (41); Pump fully equipped: 22 (48.5)
Operational Requirements
Temperature, °C15–40
Relative humidity<90%
Altitude<3000 m (9842 ft)
Electrical Requirement115–230 V
Input to Pump from Power Supply24 VDC, 150 W
SterilizationPump head cover, roller knob, bottle holder and drain tray may be autoclaved for 30 minutes at 121 °C or 10 minutes at 134 °C
CanisterCompatible with Steritest, Sterisolutest ®, Steridilutor® and Steritest EZ canisters
Regulatory InformationThe Steritest Equinox pumps are compliant with Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC, and are CE marked
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Fluoropore Membrane Filters

Fluoropore membrane is a hydrophobic PTFE membrane bonded to a high density polyethylene support (FHUP has no backing).Fluoropore membranes provide broad chemical compatibility.

Mitex Membrane Filters

Mitex is an unsupported hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It can be used under extreme chemical or temperature conditions that other membranes cannot withstand (up to 260 °C).

LCR Membrane Filters

LCR is an unsupported hydrophilic PTFE membrane compatible with all commonly used HPLC solvents. It can be used to filter aqueous fluids without prior wetting. Available in syringe filters.

Omnipore Membrane Filters

Omnipore membrane is hydrophilic PTFE compatible with virtually all solvents, acids, and alkaline solutions (for HPLC solvent filtration, use LCR membrane).

General Specifications

Sterilization: by autoclave (121 °C at 1 bar) or EO
Bacterial endotoxins: 0.5 EU/mL
Gravimetric extractables: < 0.5%

Detailed Specifications
ApplicationsFilter Code1Pore Size
Bubble Point
Flow Time
Air Flow Rate
Oper. Temp.
Fluoropore Membranes (hydrophobic)
Clarifying acids, bases, and solvents, air monitoring, filtering or venting gases, UV spectroscopyFGLP0.221.015024513085
Mitex Membranes (hydrophobic)
Clarifying acids, bases, and cryogenic fluids, clarifying propellants, analyzing hydraulic fluids, isolating RNALSW50.0517070926060
LCR Membranes (hydrophilic)
Clarifying acids, bases, cryogenic fluids, and dilute protein solutions, clarifying propellants, analyzing hydraulic fluids, isolating RNAFHLC0.45NA14070813080
Omnipore Membranes (hydrophilic)
Clarifying acids, alkaline solutions, and virtually all solventsJVWP0.123.630100
1Corresponds to first 4 digits of catalogue number
2Bubble point determined with methanol
3Fluoropore with methanol; Mitex and LCR with water. For Omnipore 100 mL water, 20°C, 47 mm disk, 8.97" Hg vacuum
4Air flow rates for Mitex are for the number of seconds for 100 cm3 of air to pass through 1 in2 of membrane (Gurley test)
Mitex Membrane, PTFE, hydrophobic, 5.0 µm, 47 mm, white, plain
Trade Name:
Filter Material:
Hydrophobic PTFE
Media Brand Name:
Water Flow Rate, mL/min x cm2:
Bubble Point at 23 °C:
≥0.05 bar, air with water
Maximum Operating Temperature, °C:
Filter Type:
Screen filter
Pore Size (µm):
Filter Diameter, mm:
Filter Code:
Filtration Device and Accessory Type:
Filter Discs/Sheets
Filter Color:
Filter Surface:
Thickness, µm:
Air Flow Rate, L/min x cm2:
Porosity %:
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