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Dye Penetrant

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Dye Penetrant Aerosol Spray


With the penetrant testing procedure you can quickly determine surface discontinuities on all iron metals and non-iron metals, some plastics and ceramic materials, glass, etc., provided that the discontinuities are open to the surfaces. This procedure is used in the examination of welding seams, cast pieces, in shipbuilding, automobile and aircraft construction, apparatus and tank construction, etc. Liquid penetrant testing can be carried out with at daylight visible and/or under UV-light fluorescent penetrants. This method is charactestic for the fact that, contrary to the magnetic particle inspection, defects or discontinuities can be proven also on not magnetizable materials.

Process description

The testing procedure consists of four separate processing steps, for which the following products are necessary:

  1. Precleaning (Remover)
  2. Application of penetrant (Penetrant)
  3. Excess penetrant removal (Remover or water)
  4. Application of developer (Developer, white)
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Cold Galvanizing Spray

Cold Galvanizing Spray

Cold Galvanizing Spray

Cold Galvanised

Galvanization with paint
Equivalent anti-corrosion performance of hot-dip galvanizing with a high 96% zinc content in its dry film, the anti-corrosion performance equivalent to that of hot-dip galvanizing. This process is called “cold galvanizing” since the high temperature and particular equipments are not required as with the conventional hot-dip galvanizing process. Cold Galvanise has been used for restoration and repair of old worn galvanized materials, in lie of zinc plating, and also as anti-corrosion paint for steel and many other application.

  • Fast-drying, high-solids, high-performance
  • Provides maximum protection to steel exposed to severe corrosive environments
  • Highly resistant to salt corrosion and water

We have several type of Cold Galvanised Products :-

1. 96% Zinc Content

2. 83% Zinc Content

3. 69% Zinc Content

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Magnetic Particles Spray

Magnetic Particles Spray

Magnetic Particles Spray

Magnetic Particles Spray

Magnetic particle inspection is suitable for detecting discontinuities (e.g. cracks) in or near the surface of ferromagnetic materials.
The work piece must be magnetized in the test area. The discontinuity can be shown best if the magnetic field is vertical to the discontinuity. One possible method for magnetization is using a yoke. The magnetic flux flows into the work piece through a ferromagnetic yoke. The main field direction is the connection line between the two poles of the yoke. Yokes can be installed in a test bench so that the whole material can be magnetized. If hand yokes are used only the region between the two poles can be magnetized. Multi-directional magnetization can be used to find discontinuities in any direction.

Detection media

There are various types of detection media: a suspension of coloured (including black) or fluorescent particles in a carrier fluid (based on water or oil), or dry powders. Fluorescent media usually gives the highest sensitivity.

Dry testing:

The test area can be sprayed with a dry magnetic powder, or the work piece can be dipped into a container in which the particles are kept afloat by air whirling (eddy pot procedure). The dry testing is recommendable where a wetting of the surface must be avoided, or with the examination of hot parts.

Wet testing:

The magnetic powder is suspended in a carrier fluid. The particle size of the powder is smaller so that smaller discontinuities may be detect.

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