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Post Date : May 26
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Bedroom Set
Home Furniture
150 Set/Sets per Day
Bedroom Furniture


We are producer of home furnitures

This company exports to 57 country.Manufacturer of home furnitures.Bedrooms,Diningrooms,Sofas,Kids rooms

They have E1 certificate.

Raw meterial is 18mm MDF. MDF surface is not paper,its melamine coated.

also they use high gloss.

ask for brochures and catalogues.

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Coffee Growing Area

BUKOBA AREA – Western part of Lake Victoria

Altitude: 1500 metres above Sea level

Soils: Red Soils, they use cow manure as fertilizers


RAINFALL Q1 = 150 mm

Q2 > 250 mm

Q3 < 50 mm

Q4 = 150 mm

Temperature 15o C < t < 28o C. Annual average 22º C

Growing Period First year ½ kgs

After three years 3 kgs

Grown coffee: Two types Robusta & Arabica

HOW is Coffee beans processed:

Normally it is pruned manually, and put into bags which immediately are put on sun for drying. It can take a week to dry up. After drying will wait for sometime but occasionally could be taken to machine for cover moving

Harvest Times: Arabica April

Robusta June

Grading, Processing: Arabica AA (14% of crop)

A (24% of crop)

Lowest= HP, coffee from ground + debris

Shade Grown: Mixed: Coffee is grown with bananas for shade and other trees

Certified Organic: None certified: small coffee farms raise coffee as cash crop, cows and goats (fertilizer, food) and subsistence crops, fruits/vegetables

Other Major Coffee Growing Regions in Tanzania:

Moshi District: sides of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Arusha: Meru Oldeani.

Pare: High Plateau between Lakes Nyassa and Taganyika, Songea -Ruvuma (South at Lake Malawi)

Rank in Production: Tanzania is 8th in Africa 24th in World

Botanical Cultivars: Kents, Bourbon, Typica/Nyara, Blue Mountain

Introduced: 1893, Bourbon arabica introduced by the Jesuits;


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Drilling machine

Drilling machine

Drilling machine

Drilling Machine

We are the producer of the Drilling Machines from Germany.

We have different types of machines.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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