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Microwave Muffle Furnace

Post Date : May 26
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Muffle Furnace


Home made first marketing microwave muffle - WM-2

Instrument introduction

Home made first marketing microwave muffle - WM-2: This equipment possesses features of quicker temperature rise speed (within 30 minutes, from room temperature rise up to 1000°C), lower power consumption, more cleanly. It is the upgrade and renew product of incinerating sample processing in modern laboratory, and is indispensable for boosting image of laboratory and improving working environment.

Product features

1. Adopt high power Dual-magnetron heating, consists of microwave power emission system,patent energy-collecting heat radiation chamber and programmable temperature monitoring system to implement temperature rise quick(within 30 min., from room temperature rise up to 1000°C), precise temperature control in full process, complete ashing directly without charing;
2. Adopt big capacity fan, implement strong air flow microwave ashing;
3. Oven volume 2.1L, allow acceptance of 12 crucibles with diameter 35mm;
4. The oven wall fitted with temperature protection unit to ensure safety;
5. Constant temperature time control: Temperature of heating can be set at will, controlled by touching faceplate, for every work-step, if the temperature reach to the setting value, then keep this temperature as per the specified time;
6. Less heat pollution: Radiation chamber has good thermal insulation, temperature rise up 1000°C keep this temperature for 1 hour, temperature on housing surface is only 30°C.

Technology Parameter

1. microwave power: 1500W;
2. temperature range: roomtemperature-1000°C;
3. temperature measure precision: ±2°C;
4. cavity: 2.1L.

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Microwave Digestion & Extraction System

Microwave Digestion & Extraction System

Microwave Digestion & Extraction System

Microwave Digestion & Extraction System Parameter

Microwave Digestion & Extraction System Parameter

  • Microwave output power and frequency: 0-1300W, stepless adjustment; 2450 MHz
  • Microwave resonance radiation cavity: 65L, internally installed corrosion resistant internally clapboard
  • Multi-vessel pressure monitoring: 0.1~5MPa (precision:±0.01MPa); multiple non-contact pressure sensors, real-time monitoring, display and control the true pressure of 12 digestion vessels
  • Multi-vessel temperature monitoring: 0-250°C(precision:±1°C); multiple non-contact temperature sensors, real-time monitoring, display and control the true temperature of 12 digestion vessels
  • Number of digestion sample: simultaneously digest 12 samples of same or different interstitial substance contents. The user may freely digest or extract 1-12 samples
  • Multiple safety measures:
    • High pressure exterior vessel: PSF exterior vessel with PPS liner, maximum pressure endurance is 6MPa (900 psi).
    • Overheating protection: when the case or the exterior vessel is overheated, instrument will warn and suspend the microwave radiation
    • Abnormal noise detection: when abnormal noise is made in the furnace chamber, instrument will warn and cut off microwave automatically.
    • Abnormal pressure warning: a unique device of ‘optical fiber non-contact displacement sensor’, real-time monitor and control the pressure in the digestion vessel, display every vessels’ pressure change by screen. Independently monitor each vessel’s reaction situation, avoid overpressure caused by single sample’s too violent reaction. Pressure auto matching control and rise speed limitation, when the pressure is much too high or the rise speed is too fast, instrument warns and cuts off the microwave output.
    • High strength bursting framework and design of dual protective door, effectively assure the safety of operator.
    • Dual pressure reduction by inner vessel’s air bleed hole and bursting film: when the gas pressure in the digestion vessel is too large, gas will leak from the air bleed hole; when the pressure is larger than the limit value and the hole can’t leak the air in time, the skirt border of the sealing bowl will broken, then leak gas and reduce pressure
    • Double security door
  • Parameter setting and status display: the instrument has two operation modes for the users to set parameter, call program and install digestion vessel; 3 reference methods are brought and 8 programs can be saved. Each program has at least 6 working steps, time of each step can be set in 0-9999s; setting parameter and display instrument’s working status by touch screen, fool-operational interface operation, easy to learn.
  • Other: power source: 110/220AC,50-60Hz; input power: 1600W; size: 610×450×630 mm; weight: 40Kg


Technology of closed-vessel microwave assisted digestion/extraction and instruments related to have been developed up to now, it has been widely used by the analytical chemistry worker because of its high efficiency of sample treating. As the analysis tasks increase with each passing day, single-vessel high pressure microwave digester is no longer competent. New instrument is needed to treat multiple samples simultaneously and freely controlled. However, when multi-vessel digestion is in progress, components of each sample treated in the digestion vessel is different, which cause the difference of chemical reaction rate and pressure. The existing microwave digestion instruments that equip with single-point temperature and pressure measurement (measure only one vessel’s pressure to indicate all the other vessels’) only check the main vessel can not guarantee the safety.

Therefore, with large funds invested, our company’s scientific researcher spent 2 years in tackling the key problem and designing XT-9912 Intelligent Microwave Sample Preparation System. This instrument has a 65L super large volume microwave resonance radiation cavity, by the innovative technology of independent pressure measurement and temperature control, each vessel’s temperature and pressure may be real-time measured and controlled, which works out the fatal weakness of present multi-vessel microwave digester that monitor only one vessel’s pressure to indicate all the other vessels’. The user may do digestion freely from 1 to 12 vessels; using an advanced high frequency and large power resonance type program control high-tension microwave electronic power, achieves nonburst continuous wave output microwave power (0-1300W) stepless adjustment, power outputting is steady and reliably. These innovative designs and a series of high and new technology satisfactorily solved the present microwave digester’s contradiction between safety and working efficiency, break through the bottleneck that hamper the farther development of microwave digestion technology.

Capability feature(related technology of the instrument is protected by patent)

  • 65L super large volume microwave resonance radiation cavity, microwave radiation is uniform in everywhere; multilayer corrosion resistant coatings, long useful time and easy to clean. Multi-vessel temperature and pressure monitor: internally installed multiple non-contact pressure and optical temperature sensors which is initiative at home and abroad. The instrument continuously scan and monitoring every vessel’s temperature and pressure while the tray is rotating, it also real-time display and record data. Works out the fatal weakness of present multi-vessel microwave digester that monitor only one vessel’s pressure to indicate all the other vessels’ and really achieves the purpose that simultaneously and uniformly digest the sample of different interstitial substance contents. Sensor doesn’t contact with the sample and won’t contaminate it;
  • Multiple safety measures: pressure-temperature dual control; dual protective door protection; pressure surge program automatic recognition and protection; abnormal noise detection protection; oven shell overheating protection; system failure self-check and warning; high strength bursting framework for digestion vessel; dual pressure reduction by inner vessel’s air bleed hole and bursting film. The eight safety measures ensure the sufficient safety of operator and instrument;
  • Advanced microwave electronic power: a high frequency and large power resonance type program control high-tension microwave electronic power, way of nonburst continuous microwave adjustable output achieves power output’s free setting and adjustment, which is also has the advantage of steady power, high efficiency, low temperature rising, more reliably works.
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Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope is widely used.

Product profile:

Stereo microscope
is widely used. It can produce upright three-dimensional image when observing objects. Its visual axis’ included angle is 12º and it has high stereoscopic sensation, wide and vivid image. It even owns long working distance and can choose reflected light illumination and transmitted light illumination according to the observed sample.

Stereomicroscope has reliable capability and beautiful appearance, and is easy to operate and convenient to us. It can not only applied to teaching demonstration, biological anatomy and police analysis, but also can used for the assemblage of electronic precision components and seeds inspection.

Technical parameter:

1. Eyepiece: 10X high-eye point eyepiece
vision field diameter: 18mm
diviometer includes 0.1mm partition
2. Object lens:
2Xfield of object lens: 9mm
4X, field of object lens: 4.5mm
magnification: 20X-40X
working distance: 88mm
3. Glass table diameter: 75mm
4. Focus range: 65mm
5. Interpupillary distance adjustment range: 55-75mm
6. Maximum sample height:
7. Illumination bulb: incandescent lamp and lightness is adjustable
8. Weight:

Complete sets of the equipment:

1. Mainframe:1
2. 10X Eyepiece:
3. Zoom lens:
4. Random file:
5. Dust guard:

Optional accessories

20X eyepiece, circuit illumination

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