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Microwave Muffle Furnace

Post Date : May 26
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Muffle Furnace


Home made first marketing microwave muffle - WM-2

Instrument introduction

Home made first marketing microwave muffle - WM-2: This equipment possesses features of quicker temperature rise speed (within 30 minutes, from room temperature rise up to 1000°C), lower power consumption, more cleanly. It is the upgrade and renew product of incinerating sample processing in modern laboratory, and is indispensable for boosting image of laboratory and improving working environment.

Product features

1. Adopt high power Dual-magnetron heating, consists of microwave power emission system,patent energy-collecting heat radiation chamber and programmable temperature monitoring system to implement temperature rise quick(within 30 min., from room temperature rise up to 1000°C), precise temperature control in full process, complete ashing directly without charing;
2. Adopt big capacity fan, implement strong air flow microwave ashing;
3. Oven volume 2.1L, allow acceptance of 12 crucibles with diameter 35mm;
4. The oven wall fitted with temperature protection unit to ensure safety;
5. Constant temperature time control: Temperature of heating can be set at will, controlled by touching faceplate, for every work-step, if the temperature reach to the setting value, then keep this temperature as per the specified time;
6. Less heat pollution: Radiation chamber has good thermal insulation, temperature rise up 1000°C keep this temperature for 1 hour, temperature on housing surface is only 30°C.

Technology Parameter

1. microwave power: 1500W;
2. temperature range: roomtemperature-1000°C;
3. temperature measure precision: ±2°C;
4. cavity: 2.1L.

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Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope

Stereo microscope is widely used.

Product profile:

Stereo microscope
is widely used. It can produce upright three-dimensional image when observing objects. Its visual axis’ included angle is 12º and it has high stereoscopic sensation, wide and vivid image. It even owns long working distance and can choose reflected light illumination and transmitted light illumination according to the observed sample.

Stereomicroscope has reliable capability and beautiful appearance, and is easy to operate and convenient to us. It can not only applied to teaching demonstration, biological anatomy and police analysis, but also can used for the assemblage of electronic precision components and seeds inspection.

Technical parameter:

1. Eyepiece: 10X high-eye point eyepiece
vision field diameter: 18mm
diviometer includes 0.1mm partition
2. Object lens:
2Xfield of object lens: 9mm
4X, field of object lens: 4.5mm
magnification: 20X-40X
working distance: 88mm
3. Glass table diameter: 75mm
4. Focus range: 65mm
5. Interpupillary distance adjustment range: 55-75mm
6. Maximum sample height:
7. Illumination bulb: incandescent lamp and lightness is adjustable
8. Weight:

Complete sets of the equipment:

1. Mainframe:1
2. 10X Eyepiece:
3. Zoom lens:
4. Random file:
5. Dust guard:

Optional accessories

20X eyepiece, circuit illumination

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Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic Polarimeter

Automatic direction Polarimeter was an instrument to determine the optical rotation of substance.

Product discription:

Automatic direction Polarimeter was an instrument to determine the optical rotation of substance. Through the determination of the optical rotation of the sample, we can determine the samle’s concentration, purity, sweetness, or content .


Automatic direction Polarimeter is widely used in sugar refining, pharmaceuticals, drug testing, food, spices, MSG and chemical, oil and other industrial production, scientific research and teaching departments for laboratory analysis or quality control of the process.It is easy to operate the instrument with the photeelectric detection and automatically number display.

Technical parameters:

Measuring Range: -45 ° ~ +45 °

Minimum readings: 0.01 °


Minimum transmittance of the measured sample: 10%

Instrument Weight: 29kg

Instrument Dimention: 606*310*212*mm

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