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cantilever sliding gate hardware

Post Date : May 26
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Our company offer full complete set of hardware for sliding gates 300-1000 kg cantilever,carriage wheels and channel, guide roll

Small console kit is designed for gates up to 450 kg and a width of up to 5 meters. Bearing carriage for a small console kit come with plastic and steel rollers. Carriage with steel rollers (i). The carriage with polymeric rollers.Channel 70x70x6000 mm

Large console kit is designed for the manufacture of gates weighing up to 800 kg and floor openings up to 10 m. The use of carriages with metal or polymer rollers to vary the manufacturing and installation of gates on the same curved profilesChannel 98x98x6000 mmSpecifications

cantilever slide gate hardware:carriage wheels and channel, upper guide roller set, guide wheel and end stop

cantilever slide gate hardware:

carriage wheels and channel,

upper guide roller set,

guide wheel and end stop

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