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Japan Made Dietary Supplement

Post Date : May 26
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Kobe, Japan
Diet Burn (OEM)
100,000 Bag/Bags per Week
Dietary Supplement


This supplement natural and effective supplement to your diet! Includes carnitine, lipoic acid, citrus ....

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Japan Made Dietary Supplement

Greetings from ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus Japan!

We are pleased to introduce a new product to our line of beauty & health care supplements.

Dietary Supplement: Diet Burn (Japan)

This supplement natural and effective supplement to your diet! Includes carnitine, lipoic acid, citrus and a combination of 6 dietary supplement ingredients. As usual, we provide this product as sold in Japan or under your brand (OEM).


Presentation: 250mg x 60 pills pouch.

Suggested intake: 2 pills a day (one pouch equivalent to a month supply).

Alfa Lipoic Acid, dextrin, dolomite, L carnitine fumarate, citrus extract, soy peptide, rice vinegar, isomaltose oligosaccharide, citric acid, microcrystalline cellulose, sucrose ester, SiO2, VC, VE, spices, niacin, pantothenic acid, VB1, VB6, VB2, VA, VD3, VB12.


Utsav Joshi

ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus Inc.
KIO 310, Minatojima 9-1,

Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0045


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Maca Power (OEM)

Maca Power (OEM)

Maca Power (OEM)

Japan Made Peruvian Maca Formulation

Greetings from ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus, Japan!

Once again, we continue increasing our line of health supplements, targeted for all of those who challenge the daily life and want to keep and support a healthy natural energetic lifestyle. We supply 100% Made in Japan safe health & beauty supplements!

We introduce:

Maca Power (or your OEM brand)

Maca Power helps you…

Supporting your active lifestyle!
Supplying energy for the tired body!
Keeping youthful charm!
Also recommended for men!


• Maca Powder
• Maltose
• Microcrystalline cellulose
• Sucrose ester
• SiO2

Nutrition Facts Per Serving (0.25g)

• Energy: 0.95kcal
• Protein: 0.03g
• Lipid: 0.01g
• Carbohydrate: 0.19g
• Sodium: 0.03mg

Recommended intake: 2 pills a day

Some details:

In the Peruvian Andes, Maca is also known as "carrots", a cruciferous plants which are native to Peru. This is a kind of herb which grow in the highlands of Peru at 4,000m above sea level.
Root crops have a high content of protein, good amino acid balance, and are also rich in vitamins and minerals, including iron and zinc from a multiple of ten times the number of other root vegetables.
Maca has been cultivated for thousands of years, in the era of the Inca Empire this was considered a privileged food (food to keep the faith) was ever since used for health. In general, Maca has been known to work well for men in addition to women.
Properties unique to Maca such as alkaloids and saponin steroids related to energy, decrease with age. So, Maca addresses particular concerns of women in relation to aging and health. Moreover, this is helpful for combating stress.
Maca is a plant associated with fatigue and distress caused when the body's energy balance is disturbed. In general, we recommend our product to both men and women who challenge in the daily life!

Thank you for your interest in our products!

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Japan Rice Food Supplement (OEM)

Japan Rice Food Supplement (OEM)

Japan Rice Food Supplement (OEM)

Raw ingredients 100% harvested in Japan. A combination of 16 grains for your health!

Greetings from ASTERiSM Healthcare Plus in Japan!

We support your healthy lifestyle with natural Japanese health & beauty supplements. We are pleased to introduce you our a unique combination of 100% Japan harvested grains which will help you enjoy your rice meals while improving digestion and overall health!


Presentation: 20gr x 8 bags (total 160gr)

Preparation: With your regular rice meal, mix one bag it and it is ready!


1. Japan Brown Rice

2. Soy beans

3. Red mochi rice

4. Black soy beans

5. Hato Mugi (Job's Tears)

6. Sorghum (Japanese Takakibi)

7. Japanese Mochikibi.

8. Japanese millet.

9. Black rice vinegar

9. Japanese oats.

10. Black Mochi Rice.

11. Green peas

12. Maize

13. Japanese Green Rice.

14. Black Sesame.

15. Brown Mochiawa Rice.

16. Amaranthus

17. Trehalose

Note: Japanese usually enjoy different kinds of "sticky rice" in many varieties. These sort of grains contain abundant minerals such as phosphorus and potassium, etc. In many cases, the name of such varieties are unique to Japan and therefore, there may not be an exact translation in English.

We look forward to your comments!


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