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Cracked - Cell Bee Pollen

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Oriyen Cracked Cell Bee Pollen holds 7 patents in six countries.

Product Name:
Oriyen Cracked – Cell Bee Pollen

Product Informaton:
Oriyen Cracked – Cell Bee Pollen Contains Over 100 Nutrients, Including Amino Acids, Vitamins, Enzymes, Co-enzymes, Fibre, Superoxide Dismutases (SOD), Inositol, Carotene, Rutin, Plus More. It Is An All Natural, Complete And Balanced Supplement With A Unique Composition.

Oriyen Cracked – Cell Bee Pollen holds 7 patents in six countries.

Absolutely natural: No chemical additives, heavy metals or pesticide residues, Origyen Cracked-Cell Bee Pollen is ideal for:

- Supplementing vegetarian diets

- Providing the full spectrum of micro nutrition to balance the modern diet

- Assisting the body's nutritional balance

- Maintaining the high level of health and vigour that only complete nutrition can provide

Oriyen Cracked – Cell Bee pollen is made from quality assured superior – grade Taiwanese bee pollen. The pollen is gathered from Camellia flowers grown in pristine high mountain regions that are free from pollution. Compared to ordinary pollen, this unique variety is a particularly rich source of amino acids. Product of Taiwan.

Oriyen Cracked – Cell Bee Pollen holds 7 patents in six countries for its super – fine refinement process, which leaves the nutritional content of the bee pollen completely intact, while greatly increasing its bioavailability and efficiency.







Contact Enlliven Herbal Australia for all of your inquiry.

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SupaFuco (Certified Australian Organic Fucoidan)

SupaFuco (Certified Australian Organic Fucoidan)

SupaFuco (Certified Australian Organic Fucoidan)

Mobilize And Multiply Your "Master Healing" Stem Cells. Instantly! It's the only certified organic Fucoidan in the world.

Product Name:
Nu SupaFuco ( Maritech® Organic Fucoidan). Product of Australia.

Product Information:
The World's Only Certified Organic Fucoidan. Product of Australia.

Fucoidan Even Causes Cancer Cells To Self - Destruct!

It's astonishing but true! Fucoidan keeps errant cancer cells at bay, preventing them from taking hold in your body.

In fact, Fucoidan is widely used in anti-cancer therapy. It's been known to induce what's called "apoptosis" (or self - programmed death) in cancer cells. In other words, the cancer cells literally commit suicide!

Product benefits:
Substantially increase your stem cell production, promote healing in al injured or diseased areas of your body, and destroy potentially deadly errant cells at the same time.

Cancer Risk – Reduced, Weight gain – Reversed, Blood Pressure – Normalized, Sagging skin – Lifted, Join pain – Relieved, Blood sugar – Regulated, Premature ageing – Slowed, Scars & pock marks – Lightened, Wrinkles – Reduced, Cholesterol – Normalized, Poor memory – Improved, Poor organ function – Improved, Hair Loss – Reduced, Immunity – Boosted, Eyesight – Sharpened, Inflammation – Quenched, Energy levels – Elevated, Concentration – Improved.

The Scientific Research Supports Maritech® Fucoidan:
Great for immune boosting

In a human trial conducted at the NatMed Research Center, subjects given Maritech® Fucoidan experienced a substantial rise in their immune system markers, including T-cells and Natural Killer Cells. They were even able to fight off a drug – resistant strain of Herpes!

Powerful antioxidant properties
Based on a series of clinical studies performed at Southern Cross University, Australia, it was found that Maritech® Fucoidan has a staggering ORAC score of 3,000, making it a much stronger antioxidant that popular choices like Vitamin C, grape seed extract, and even Goji berries. Other studies found that Maritech® Fucoidan increases the antioxidant levels in human body.

For healthier, younger – looking skin
In a USD 1.5million study funded by the Australian government, it was demonstrated that Maritech® Fucoidan accelerates skin healing, limits skin darkening, promotes skin elasticity, prevents skin irritation and inflammation, and reduces skin imperfections and blemished.

Reduces joint pain in just one week
In a 2008 study performed at Southern Cross University, Australia, subjects with osteoarthritis were given Maritech® Fucoidan. After just a week, the subjects has a whopping 21% reduction in joint pain.

Soothes the fires of inflammation
Studies at the Australian Centre for Complementary Medicine Education and Research (ACCMER) demonstrated that Maritech® Fucoidan actively inhibits inflammation that causes rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and accelerated ageing.

“Homes In” on ageing or injured tissue
According to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Hematology, Maritech® Fucoidan mobilizes the release of adult stem cells from bone marrow. It also stimulates the receptors that allow adult stem cells to “home in” on ageing or injured tissue.

Product certifications:

  • Halal authority (AFIC) Australia
  • Certified Organic Tasmania from Tasmanian Organic Dynamic Producers Inc.
    Australian Export Awards
  • Australian Certified Organic

Product Package:
Retail package.

30 chews x 400mg

Please contact Enlliven Herbal Australia for all inquiry.

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Plant Stem Cell Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment Serum

Plant Stem Cell Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment Serum

Plant Stem Cell Anti Ageing Skin Care Treatment Serum

Look Years Or Even Decades Younger. Scientists Have Unleashed The Age Defying Power Of Wild Ginseng Stem Cells. New Technology.

Available Now From Enlliven Herbal Australia

At Last, Scientists Have Unleashed The Age-Defying Power Of Wild Ginseng Stem Cells!

Plant Cell Skin Solution (Plant Stem Cell Serum) Contains the Ultimate Anti Ageing Secrets - Wild Ginseng Stem Cells, Helps You Defy Ageing And Look Your Absolute The Best Both Now And For Many Years To Come.

It packs with super-powerful antioxidants

It takes More than 10 years of research collaboration between Korea & United Kingdom
It is internationally patented.

Reset Your Skin’s “Ageing Clock” with Plant Cell Skin Solution:
- Look years or even decades younger
- Keep sin fully moisturized
- Improve skin tone and elasticity
- Dramatically smooth and reduce the appearance of creases, fines & wrinkles
- Brighten complexion and reduce age spots
- Restore a healthy glow to dull skin
- Rectify skin imperfections including enlarged pores
- Undo damage from free radicals and UV rays
- Make skin look and feel smooth, soft and radiant

===== Please contact Enlliven Herbal Australia For More Info =====

Product Information

Did you know that wild ginseng is the oldest medicinal plant known to man?

Wild ginseng has been used in Chinese medicine for over 5,000 years. Made up of complex and unique components, this unique herb is revered throughout Asia for its ability to cure and rejuvenate. Wild ginseng is also renowned for surviving long periods, despite extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

What is the secret to this amazing longevity?
The stem cell of wild ginseng plants, also known as “immortal stem cells”, contain infinite amounts of energy and vitality. They provide an inexhaustible supply of anti-ageing power.

Like many other plants and trees, wild ginseng often ages more healthfully than other living creatures. Imagine if humans could tap into these age-defying properties. Scientists have thought it impossible. Until now…

It’s the first anti-aging product of its kind – anywhere in the world!

In the past, scientists failed to isolate these “immortal cells” because plant stem cells are very prone to damage. They’re small and think with extremely delicate cell walls.

Researcher Dr. Young – woo Jin toiled relentlessly and collaborated with stem cell researchers from the university of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, in a program funded by the BBSRC, under the UK government. After 10 years of research, his hard work paid off. While researching the wild ginseng plant, he successfully cultured plant stem cells for the first time in history. Anti-ageing therapies would never be the same.

With this advanced biotechnology, it was finally possible to create Plant Cell Skin Solution. There’s no other Skin-care product like it.

“Immortal Stem Cells” for Immortal Beauty! The key to younger – looking skin regardless of age.

The “immortal stem cells” in wild ginseng extract form the basis of the Plant Cell Skin Solution, offering you revolutionary anti-ageing properties:

Energy and vitality! Under a microscope, the mitochondria in normal plant cells hardly move. However, the mitochondria in wild ginseng stem cells move very rapidly. This difference in movement confirms the greater amount of life energy in stem cells.

Restorative properties! Wild ginseng stem cells reset your skin’s “ageing clock” by boosting skin’s power to renew itself. It increases skin fibroblasts that produce the collagen responsible for firm, taut skin. Plus, it restores damaged skin cells caused by UV radiation and ageing.

Antioxidants! Wild ginseng stem cells contain over 30 times the antioxidants of normal plant cells. These antioxidants prevent the ravages of free radicals on your skin, which is especially important as you get older and your free radicals increase.

Immune boosters! Wild ginseng stem cells can reduce skin imperfections like whiteheads or blackheads…ward off nasty breakouts cased by harmful germs and bacteria …and even fight premature ageing caused by weakened skin immunity.

Anti-inflammatories! Plant stem cell can soothe fiery inflammation on your face and prevent skin irritation.

===== Please Contact Enlliven Herbal Australia for More info ======

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