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  • 1000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters
  • Chennai/Cochin
  • 1000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters per Month
  • L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram
  • Tag: Belt driven blower
  • Supplier - ATEC
  • India			India
  • 11 - 50 People
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  • Southeast Asia,Africa,Mid East,Eastern Asia
  • Mr.Seung-Yeung
  • 91-422-4506475
Post Date : May 27
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1000 Cubic Meter/Cubic Meters per Month
L/C,Western Union,MoneyGram



Pressure - 2" WG - 60" WGP Volume - 50 CFM - 10,000 Cfm Power - 0.25HP - 150HP
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Coupling driven blower of Axis's are used in the application,
where the requirement of air for combustion,suction,blowing,ventu

Coupling driven blower of Axis's are used in the application,where the requirement of air for combustion,suction,blowing,venturisuction,dust collection,and scrubbers etc.,
Axis centrifugal air blowers had three variants which are
1.Direct Drive[DD]
2.Belt Drive[BD]
3.Coupling Drive[CD]
DirectDrive:-Impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft.Therefore the speed of the impeller will be as same of motor used in ambient airhandlingrequirements.
Belt Drive:I-mpeller with bemountedon the rearing shaft and it will be driven by the motor shaftthroughpulleys & belt.Impeller speed can be designed based on thecustomerrequirements.But it has limitations liketorque,pressure,volume and loadcurrent.
CouplingDrive:- Impeller will be directly coupled with motor.This model is widely used in places where the requirements of motor load are huge.Inthis case, impeller speed will beas motor speed
But motor torque will be minimized on the impellers du to couplings.

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Gas Line Accessories

Gas Line Accessories

Gas Line Accessories

We are a name to reckon with in the field of combustion.

We are a name to reckon with in the field of combustion. We are a 103 % service oriented company with in house facilities to meet turn-key jobs , too. Our unbeatable experience in combustion technology has been enabled by our stringent commitment to the hète any kind of alloy without the combustion system.

Any burner can burn any fuel. but at what cost is matters.

In general. market opinion is that the burner is just to pass the fuel and fuel will be burnt with the heat available in it. But our customers will not accept to this conventional method.

The operation of the burner is very much essential in areas where the fuel efficiency matters to the output product and the profit of the company.

PROFIT of the company defines that the FUEL cost should not be more than the company's maintenance and Overhead expenses.

OUTPUT Product referred for where the cost of the production and the Product demands should be met with any kind of fuel and its cost.

All our burners are set to work with Pressure and Mass ranges in both auto and Semi auto control modes to meet the product demands.

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