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BE23 BE46 controllers

  • 36 Unit/Units
  • bernini design
  • Size 96X96mm
  • BE23 BE46
  • Italy
  • Tag:Gen set controllers
Post Date : May 27
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bernini design
Size 96X96mm
BE23 BE46
800 Unit/Units per Month


Compact solid states genset controller
Wide operating temperature range
Fully Tropicalised in a plastic DIN size eclosure

The Be46 includes all functions needed to control and monitor a genset. Its programming runs quickly and all parameters and operating information are indicated by means of messages and symbols. The Be46 includes interface with an oil and temperature gauge, fuel sender, and a magnetic pick-up. It provides 'AUTO','MAN', and 'OFF' operating modes. Measurements include Vac, Aac, Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Pf, Hz, Vdc, hour count, R.p.m., Oil Pressure, Engine Temperature and Fuel Level.

Key features:
- DIN 96x96, temperature range -30°/+70° C
- 6 outputs, 6 switch inputs, 7 analog inputs
- 7Vdc up to 36Vdc supply, IP55
- 13 LEDs, 8 push-buttons, 4 digit display
- Manual and Automatic operating modes
- 3-Phase voltage up to 500Vac
- 44 Programmable parameters, 32 messages
- KW,KVA, PF and current up to 9000Aac

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The Be2K-PLUS integrates a 3-phase A.M.F / A.T.S. controller, a Generator controller and monitoring system.

The Be2K-PLUS incorporates a 3-phase Automatic Mains Failure Detector, an Automatic Transfer Switch Controller and a Generating Set Controller in a single unit. Its programming runs fast and all parameters/operating functions are indicated by a high-performance 128X64 graphic OLED display. An additional high luminosity LED display provides Voltage and Current measurements. The Be2K-PLUS interfaces with 5 sensors (or 4-20mA / 0-10V transmitters), a magnetic pick-up or 'W' (if provided on the charger alternator). Measurements include Vac, Aac, Vdc, kVA, kVar, kW, Energy, Pf, Hz, hour count, R.p.m., Oil Pressure, Engine & Auxilary Temperatures and Fuel Level. A Windows XP © compatible remote monitoring and control software program is provided. The Be2K-PLUS is SAE-J1939 compatible, features RS485, RS232 and complies with NFPA-110 and NFPA-99 specifications.


- 200 Events Log History tagged by a Real time clock

- Monitoring of Vdc inputs for Telecom & Renewable Energy Applications

- Ideal for Dual/Genset or mains standby applications

- Interfaces with Resistive sensors 0-10V, 0-5V or 4-20mA

- Configurable I/O: 5 digital outputs 5 digital inputs & 6 analog inputs

- 72-hours dynamic Burn-in 3-year Warranty

- RS485, CAN-BUS J1939 , RS232, TCP-IP protocol, external Modem Interface

- 128 x 64 Graphic OLED display & High luminosity 12-digit LED display

- Aac, Vac, Pf, Hz, Vdc, R.P.M. indications & Power & Energy indications

- Pressure (BAR), Temperatures, % Fuel, and Hour-Meter

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