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Our main services are
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Diesel Engine Repairs

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We are offering shipbuilding / ship fabricate / shipe repair service in China,Ukraine,Russia, baltic and Black sea ports under following facilities:



Length x Breadth x Depth : 182.9M x 27.4M x 13.1M or (600' x 90' x 43')

Dock bottom : at-21' from mean sea level.

Top of service gallery : at+22' from mean sea level.

Height of silt above dock bottom : 1.38m

Depth on silt at mean high water at spring tides : 11.72m

Difference between mean high water at spring and mean tides : 1.69m

Maxm. size of ship that can be docked:LOA x Bm x DWT : 570' x75' x 20,000 MT.


Port side : 40MT/10MT at 24.3M/37.2M radius.

Starboard side : 15MT/5MT at 30.5M/37.5Mradius.

Capstans: 20MT x 2 nos. ; 15MT x 2 nos.

Rendering winch: 15MT x 1 no.

Central keel blocks: 110 nos.

Electro -hydraulic bilge blocks: 22 nos.

Main De-watering pumps: 3 nos. x 6000 MT/hr. (average).

All De-watering, drainage and fire-fighting pumps, hydraulic sluice-gates for dock filling are remote controlled from the central control room.

Dock De-watering time: 3½ hours with two main de-watering pumps.


Length: 342 metres for mooring/berthing of 2 nos. 16500 DWT vessels at a time.


50MT/15MT at 24.3m x 37.2m radius.

15MT/ 37m radius.


Machine Shop : 120M x 60M (nine-bay) Workshop equipped with different machinery for turning, milling, drilling, shaping, boring, flanging, grinding, tools for metal and wood working and also with 10 nos. E.O.T.(Electric Overhead Travelling) Cranes having lifting capacities ranging from 3.2MT to 25 MT.

Fabrication Shop : 60M x 36M (Two-bay) Workshop equipped with different machine for cutting, shearing, bending, pressing, rolling, welding and tools and steel & pipe fabrication works and also with 4 nos. E.O.T.(Electric Overhead Travelling) Cranes having lifting capacities ranging from 3.2MT to 12.5 MT.

In addition to the above Dry Dock has got Inspection and Testing equipments like - Portable Ultrasonic Thickness Meter, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector, Magneto Crack Tester, X-ray Device, etc. and Fork Lifter, Side Fork Lifter, Truck mounted mobile cranes for material handling (3 nos. x 16 MT capacity).

Power Supply Installations:

The Yard has 3(three) transformer stations:

TS-1 Transformer : 630 KVA x 3 nos.

TS-2 Transformer : 630 KVA x 3 nos. ; 250 KVA x 1 no.

TS-3 Transformer : 630 KVA x 3 nos.

Stand-by Generator : 250 KVA x 2 nos.

Shore power supply facilities : 380V, 380V & 440V A.C. (3 phase, 50 Hz)

Fresh Water Supply:

The Yard has the facilities of supply fresh water to vessels

Only serious intenational marine eingineering companies and individuals are welcome to avail our service.

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vessel repair

vessel repair

vessel repair

Dry docking and repairs to dredgers;
Dry docking and repairs to ships and tankers;...

Ship Repair
Our knowledge and experience extends to a wide variety of vessel types, ranging from trawlers through to tug boats, passenger ferries, fisheries research vessels, super seiners, off-shore supply boats, tankers, cargo vessels, cruise ships and luxury yachts.

In the area of repairs and refitting, we regularly undertake work on a broad spectrum of vessels. Because we are fully aware that a vessel out of the water is costing the operator hard cash, we are geared to repair and refit vessels quickly and efficiently under all circumstances. In fact, to meet schedules, the shipyard works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • all types of ship repair, maintenance and construction;
  • the repair of diesel engines and the manufacture of spare parts;
  • the repair of electric equipment and machinery;
  • the production of spare parts for vessels and machines, using up-to-date equipment;
  • the production of metal constructions;
  • casting, forging and punching of non-ferrous metals and steel and iron galvanization;
  • loading and warehouse operations;
  • the building, repair and maintenance of yachts and smaller vessels.

Steelwork and weldeing

Ordinary strength hull steels of Shipping (ABS) Grades A,B,D,DS,CS and E are the most extensively used Group of Shipbuilding Steels. The properties of these plain carbon steels depend on their chemical content and microstructure. In addition to carbon, these steels contain manganese, silicon, phosphorus, and sulfur; minor amounts of other elements may also be present. Higher strength steels with yield strengths up to 350 Mpa (51,000 psi), such as ABS grades AH, DH and EH are also widely used.

Steel Cutting and Forming

Several methods of cutting and gouging are used in shipbuilding to cut steel, to prepare bevels for welded joints, to back gouge-welded joints, and to remove defects.

a- Oxygen Cutting.

The Various types of hull steel used in ships, including the higher strength and low alloy steels, can be cut by the oxygen cutting (burning) method. Oxygen and fuel gas, such as acetylene, usually are piped through distribution mains to various parts of the yard.

b- Plasma Cutting.

In plasma-arc cutting, also used in N/C burning machines, the normal cutting speed for a 12 mm. Plate is about three times the speed of oxygen cutting. However, the speed advantage decreases as the plate thickness increases.

c- Air Carbon Arc.

This operation is useful for back gouging and for excavating defective areas. The steel is melted locally by the intense heat of the carbon arc, and the high-pressure air introduced around the carbon rod blows away the molten metal.

Cold Forming

Cold forming is used to produce plating of desired configuration. Excessive straining can reduce notch toughness properties in the direction normal to the forming, i.e. in the lengthwise direction of a rolled tube.

a- Rolling

Rolled plates with shape in only one direction, such as bilge in the parallel middle-body, are shaped in bending rolls consisting of a large-diameter top roll and two smaller bottom rolls. If the housing at one end is demountable, complete circles may be rolled.

b- Pressing

Some plates may be shaped entirely by a hydraulic press, sometimes referred to as a keel bender, provided the curvature and width are not excessive.

Measuring / Steel Thickness

Ultrasonic Meter Inspection

Ultrasonic inspection is used as an alternate to radiography for the examination of welds, castings and forgings; it also used to measure thickness and detects Laminations in plate.

SAND BLAST or Grit for Cleaning Steel Plates

Surface cleaning, rust removal, Paint Removing, mould cleaning, surface preparation for, coating-bonding-painting

Preparing Steel for Painting “classical old fashion way”

Sand Blasting or Grit for Cleaning Steel Plates

Surface cleaning, rust removal, Paint Removing, mould cleaning, surface preparation for, coating-bonding-painting, anticorrosive, antifouling, etc.

The three most important factors in getting a good result are preparation, preparation, and preparation. Seventy-five percent of the cost of painting involves preparation. Any paint job is only as good as the preparation that precedes it, and the skill of the people doing the work. Improper preparation can only result in dissatisfaction and a failed paint job.

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