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Rotary Aerator

  • Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • FJ-701
  • Taiwan
  • Tag:aquaculture equipment, aerator, aquaculture machine aerator
Post Date : January 05
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Kaohsiung, Taiwan


Suitable for Aquaculture Farms or Pond of Breeds Fish, Eel, Clam, Crabs... etc.


1. High efficiency gear, 3-paddlies stainless steel #304 impeller ecable a high oxygen dissoliving rate and strong water current.

2. HDPE float for excellent water prevention, resistance against acid-alinity and sun exposure.

3. Stainless steel motor cover and frame, anti-acid and alkalinity, strong and durable.


Horse Power: 2HP

Phase : 1 phase / 3 phase

Polarity : 4P

Impeller : 1

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Air-O2 ( air-injector ) aerator

Air-O2 ( air-injector ) aerator

Air-O2 ( air-injector ) aerator

High efficient, suitable for aquaculture water treatment.

Characteristics :

1. Increase higher efficiency of oxygen dissolved, excellent water mixing and circulation.

2. Water purification, help waste decomposition, providing better water quality management.

3. Suitable for water depth over 2M culture farm.

4. Stable function, adjustment angle for emergency and long terms aeration.

5. Quickly adjust the upper and lower of pond water temperature.

6. Excellent oxygen efficiency to mixing use with paddle wheel aerator.


Horse Power : 1HP / 2HP

Phase : 1 or 3 phase

Polarity : 2P

No. of impeller : 1 pc

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Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder

Automatic Feeder

Model No. FJ-501


1. Adopt roller feeds-sending, can adjust required feeding quantity.

2. Double blowing outlets, can covers wide feeding area.

3. Barrel body made of stainless steel #304 material, can resistance acid and alkalinity, durable and strong.

4. High efficient multi-bladed blower can provides long jetting distance, operate stably, sending feeds evenly and smoothly.

5. Easy operation and maintenance.


Horse Power : 0.5HP

Phase : 1 Phase / 3 Phase

Discharge Caliber : 2"

Max Jetting Distance : 8M

Aera Maximum Effeciency : 6M

Capacity : 120 kgs / 180 kgs

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