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Contact Lens Kit

  • Supplier - LUCID KOREA CO LTD
  • South KoreaSouth Korea
  • Below US$1 Million
  • Manufacturer, Trading Company
  • Southeast Asia,Mid East,Eastern Asia
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Post Date : May 31
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Lucid Korea
Gyeongsangbuk-do South Korea


A set to protect RGP contact lenses.

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Capsular Tension Ring

Capsular Tension Ring

Capsular Tension Ring

Capsular Tension Ring
Products for Cataract Surgery

CTR helps to avoid capsular collapse and vitreous presentation during surgery and maintains the circular contour of the capsular bag, allowing the intraocular lens to easily be placed into the bag.

There was no observable decent ration of the IOL after surgery.


- Missing or damaged zonules

- IOL subluxation


- Circular expansion of capsular bag

- Stable conditions during surgery

- Improve IOL cent ration when zonules are mission or damaged

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Advance Lens

Advance Lens

Advance Lens

Smooth, Soft feeling
Effective for high Myopia

Advance Lens is specially designed to reduce the burden to the cornea and to enhance a smooth tear exchange with maximizing comfort for a long wearing. It was applied by high technique for spherical multi-curve design, and can provide sufficient tear layer to cornea. With good tear circulation, people can wear Advance lens without dryness and redness. To minimize irritation to the lens and eyelid, Advance lens is adapted junctionless design with rounded edge.


Advance Lens protects sensitive corneas and minimize irritation with the scrupulous design and the junctionless process, therefore it gives users the best comfortableness and safety.


Lucid Korea makes the thin lens and streamlined form in edge, therefore improves the uncomfortable feeling in wearing for the first time and the irritation.

Advance Lens


To minimize uncomfortableness and irritation, Lucid had long research and clinical testing for Advance lens and finally succeeded it's development.

√ Good for Your Eye's Health

Advance lens has higher oxygen permeability and compatible wearing.

It is designed to have good tear circulation between lens and cornea.

√ Ease of Handle

Advance lens has small size with thin edge thickness.

People can handle it easily.

√ Good Candidate for Advance Lens

- High myopia with mid astigmatism

- People who suffered from the side effects of both surgery and soft lenses

- People who have dry eyes

- People who have redness and cornea scratch

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