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Massage table

Post Date : June 11
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Massage Table
Commercial Furniture
80 Set/Sets per Day
Salon Furniture


Table with adjustable headrest,facehole,face plug,armsupports,armrest,and reiki plates.Cherry wood frame and 4cm high descity

2-fold wooden massage table (with armrest, pillow & splint) :

Height of table can be adjusted, folded, & easy taken; feet & frame are made of slotless steel tube, facial is dealt by plating, which for beauty and long time using, a double & high density sponge is surface is packed by half PU & half PVC leatheroid.


2.Folded size98*70*17cm

3.Packing size101*73*20cm



6.Load weight300kg
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led table lamp

led table lamp

led table lamp

no shinning no radiation eyesight protection
effectively save energy while using solar energy and LED light bulb

Semiconductor lighting (LED) are a product of energy conservation and environmental protection, it has no radiation, no stroboscopic, no infrared and ultraviolet, it is a high-tech green lamp fundamentally eliminated from the stroboscopic and electromagnetic radiation. Eye-protection lamp, is also filled in the scope of LED. Fluorescent lamp has a major drawback---stroboscopic, and eye-protection dluorescent lamp use high-frequency fluorescent to make people feel "not flash", but in reality it flashs. LED is different, the nature of its decided it did not flash, and more energy-saving and longer life. Eye-protection DC power LED lamps, which use small low-voltage current, not only solved the high radiation and bright dazzling of high-frequency fluorescent light, but also solved the problem of reddish and gray light, waste energy and pollute the environment of the incandescent lights. LED light is the high-tech and green lighting, it can effectively prevent of juvenile shortsighted and the human health. Now most people do not use eye protection LED lamps, not because of high prices, the main reason is that people do not know semiconductor lamps are eye-protection, energy conservation and it is a real eye-protection lamp.

Our company have adopted the latest semiconductor technology into the lighting field, we have developed the LED eye-protection lamp, which has independent intellectual property rights and got a number of patent

no shinning no radiation eyesight protection
effectively save energy while using solar energy and LED light bulb
Charged by electronic gadgets at emergency
Good quality,long life span, LED light bulb with 50,000 hours of service time

Product Features
1 Soft light illuminates your keyboard but wont disturb others
2 Easy to be replaced, the head can be towards any direction,LED light
3 Energy-saving, environmental protection, high illumination
4 Usage of LED light consumes less power, lighting time can be as long as 12 hours
5 Sleek, high-tech design in black or platinum color

Desk Lamp
1)Supply voltage:DC5V
2)Power consumption:3W
3)Luminous Intensity:0-130Lm(3W)
4)Useful time:50000H
5)insulate rate:111
6)Compare of energy:5.5W=60w incandescent lamp
7)adapter current output:1.2A
8)power supply mode:adapter/computer/solar energy

Solar Charger
1)Output voltage /current:5.5V/200mA
2)Battery capacity:1800mA
3)Output current:200mAH

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bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

bathroom cabinet

KY-003 1.Material:MDF,ourside:bare outside seal side.Board thick:body,door,clapboard,mirror backboard 15MM,body backboard 3MM,Back:opeaning launch gap. 2.Basin: ceramic single hole basin.Handle:similar as the photos,fittings:high quality fittings. 3. Clean dimension:main cabinet1380X400X600 Basin: 1400x510x280 Side cabinet:1760X340X210 Mirror:1400x1160x180 Total: four pieces packing.

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