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Mashed potato

Post Date : June 12
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Jilin China (Mainland)


Creamy white to light yellow powder mix,with potato flavor and spice note

Mashed potatoes
General description:Creamy white to light yellow powder mix,with potato flavor and spice note
Ingredients: Potato flakes, Non-dairy Creamer, Emulsifier, Refined salt, Refines sugar, Flavor Enhancer, Spices.
Sensory Characteristics (Unprepared)
Color: Creamy white to light yellow.
Texture: Free flowing potato flake with small spice particles.
Aroma: Typical potato flavor with spice note.
Sensory Characteristics (Prepared)
Preparation: Add 100g powder mix into 500g hot water(85-90),stir slowly till even, hold for 30 seconds then evalute.
Color: Creamy white to light yellow.
Texture: Smooth, creamy and viscous paste with firmness.
Aroma: Clean potato flavor with natural spice note.
Flavor: Chean taste with fresh potato flavor.
Physical-Chemical Specifications:
Moisture Content: ≤10%.
Sodium Chloride: ≤5%.
Ash content: ≤8%.
Preservative: Negative
Microbiological Specifications:
Total Plate Count (cfu/g): ≤10000
Coliform (MPN/100g): ≤30
Yeast(cfu/g): ≤150
Mold(cfu/g): ≤150
Salmonella: Negative in 25 gram.
Storage: Store in clean and dry place at ambient, away from any contamination.
Shelf-life: 12 months (Sealed)
Packing: 500g/1000g/bag (Aluminimu bags), 10-20 packed in one paper box. Estimated 12MT can be loaded in each 20FT container.
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corn gluten meal

corn gluten meal

corn gluten meal

Maize Gluten Meal is a protein source used in the feed industry. It contains xanthophyll, a natural pigment.

Product Name: Maize Gluten Meal
DescriptionMaize Gluten Meal is a dry co-product of the extraction of starch by wet milling of maize. It consists mainly of gluten obtained after separation from the starch
Functionality Maize Gluten Meal is a protein source used in the feed industry. It contains xanthophyll, a natural pigment.
Typical data
Moisture 8.0%
Crude protein 60.0%
Crude fat 3.5%
Crude fibre 1.0%
Xanthophyll 300ppm
Cystine 10.8g/kg
Threonine 20.4g/kg
Isoleucine 24.6g/kg
AlflatoxinB1 ug/kg0.1 Testing methord: GB/T5009.22-2003
Ca 1.0g/kg
Digestible energy pigs
Metabolizable energy poultry
VEM(feed units for milk production) 1127/kg
ApplicationMaize Gluten Meal is a bright golden granular meal. It is a protein source in feeds for poultry, pigs, cattle, fish and other species. Although it is low in lysine, it is very high in methionin+cystin. Its protein is highly undegradable in the rumen, and therefore it can be used as by-pass protein in dairy or beef cattle, and in deer.
Maize Gluten Meal is free of anti-nutritional factors, and is therefore used as protein source in feeds for young animals. Its incorporation in feed for piglets is 5%. Use of 5-8% C13874 Maize Gluten Meal in chicken or layer feed gives a natural color to chicken meat and egg yolk.
Packaging Bags/standard packaging
Storage Dry and cool
SafetyDust is flammable and explosive
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sweet potato starch

sweet potato starch

sweet potato starch

It's made of high quality sweet potato, and has some advantage such as pure white, highly viscosity and purity, and lowly acidit

Sweet potato starch
Place of orginChina
StandardQ/ RHM 002-2005
Price terms:FOB Qingdao Port USD710
Terms of paymentT/T, 50% prepaid
Supply ability1000 metric ton per month
Minimum order20 metric tons
Packing25 KG per bag with plastic compound bag or paper bag.
Delivery lead time30 days after received the deposite
Container load20MT in a 20FT
SpecificationTest result
Acidity(°T )≤15.0012.82
Spot (no/cm2)≤7.002.4
SO2 (g/kg)≤0.03Absent
Sieve(100 hole)≥99.5099.76
Net weight(g)500-3%501
SmellNo foreign smellNo foreign smell
Shelf-lifeTwo years if correct stored.
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