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KEL Transformers

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Post Date : June 16
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Central Power Research Institute...
Deepankuram-KEL Transformers


Transformer Range:100kva - 5MVA; 33kV class

Core: Special non aging CRGO silicon steel lamination

Transformer Range:100kva - 5MVA; 33kV class

Core: Special non aging CRGO silicon steel laminations are used for the cores. The core laminations are interleaved clamped and taped to reduce vibration and noise as well as to provide excellent mechanical strength. Eddy current losses are reduced by coating the laminations with suitable insulation. The cores are effectively earthed.

Coils are wound with electrolytic, high conductivity, paper covered with copper conductors. Spiral disc and cross over types of windings are used giving due consideration to the thermal, electrical and mechanical aspects. Strong self supporting coils are made by anchoring the turns using tapes. Adequate horizontal and vertical ducts are provided to ensure that the temperature gradient between the windings and oil do not exceed the limit and no hot spots are developed.
Transformer Range:100kva - 5MVA; 33kV class

TAPS: Tappings are normally provided in HV windings at +/- 5% of the rated voltage in steps of 2.5%. However, any other tap range as per customer specification can be provided.

OIL: Transformer oil confirming to IS:335 is used as the coolant and insulating medium. The transformer are supplied after topping it up with filtered transformer oil.

ASSEMBLY: LV winding is placed next to the core and HV winding is placed condentrically around the LV winding. Press board and Kraft paper are used for insulation. The inter-turn and lnter - layer insultions are designed for specific impulse level. Special care and attention is given for the insulation between HV and LV winding and LV winding and core. After assembly of the coils, they are dried in electrically heated drying oven and allowed to shrink ao that the dimensions do not change during service.

TERMINATIONS: The terminal arrangements are provided as per customers requirements.

PRODUCT RANGE: Oil filled off- circuit distribution transformers.
Oil filled on load tap changer(OLTC)transformer with voltage regulater.
And remote tap changing cubicle(RTCC)
Oil filled auto transformers.
Amorphous transformers.
Dry type transformers(resin impregnated)
Unitised substations with oil filled or dry type transformers.
				The Transformers are certified by "Central Power Research Institute"
based in Bangalore.

List of Major Customers of KEL transformers are 

1) National Electric Co   	(3000 KVA)
2) Federal Transformers AbuDhabi  	(1500 KVA)
3) Bhaba Atomic Research Center Mumbai	(500 KVA)
4) National Thermal Power Corporation Bharuch (1600 KVA).
5) Bharth Electronics LTD Bangalore.	(1000 kva)
6) Karnataka Power Corporation		(1600 KVA).
7) ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Commisioner Rajamahendry) (1250 KVA)
9)Sothern Railways
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Simpson S4 Generators

Simpson S4 Generators

Simpson S4 Generators

We vaibhavi like to introduce as dealers for simpson/Escorts and KEL-LeroySomer alternators.
We can

We vaibhavi like to introduce as dealers for simpson/Escorts and KEL-LeroySomer alternators.
We can supply 25 kva genset of simpson engine and kel-leroy somer alternator with all accesories with unparalled price.
We also supply AshokLeyland, Kirloskar engines from 25 kva to 500 Kva.

List of companies using simpson engines,

1. Cummins India ltd	: For middle range of dg set
2. Tata group	: For their jd excavators
3. Beml ltd: For their dozers and excavators
4. Caterpillar: For their dozers and excavators
5. Larsen and toubro(l&t): 	for their excavators

Alternator is brushless and confirm to following standards
Nfc 51, iii 	france.
Vde 0530 	germany
IEC 2-3 	italy.
Nema 		usa.
Csa 		canada.
Is:4722		india.
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Kel-leroy Somer Alternators

Kel-leroy Somer Alternators

Kel-leroy Somer Alternators

We Deepankuram Synergies are exclusive dealers for KEL (LeroySomer technolo Alternators (AC generators) .

Kel Alternators are brushless, Drip proof, Continuos and have a range of 15 kva to 1500 kva.
KEL alternators are based on Leroy Somer technolgy.
KEL-Alternators conform to recomendations laid in IEC 34-1 and following international standards.

NFC 51, III France.
VDE 0530 Germany
IEC 2-3 Italy.
CSA Canada.
IS:4722 India.

Alternators for marine duty can be supplied meeting the classified rules of
Veritas, DET Norske Veritas, Lloyds, American Bureau of shipping, Rina Germanishcer Lloyd etc.

Below is the list of few KEL Customers
Jindal Polyester & Steel Ltd.
Alpine Industries Ltd. Indore.
Composite Steel Mills Ltd. Hyderabad.
BPL Refrigeration LTD Bangalore.
Wipro Fluid Power Bangalore.
Indian Telephone Industries Bangalore
Indian Oil Company LTD (IOCL). Delhi
SRI Ram Pistons & Rings Ghaziabad.
Tata Ceramics LTD, Kakinaadu.
Indian Railways All India
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