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Portable Nuclear Contamination Detector for food,body,Handheld radiation tester

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Portable Surface Nuclear Contamination Detector,digital Nuclear Contamination tester for food,water,Handheld radiation tester

Portable Surface Nuclear Contamination Detector for food and body testing,portable radioactivity tester,detector,portable gamma monitor,digital Nuclear Contamination tester for food,water,Surface Nuclear Radiation detector/tester:


High sensitive, simple,dose rate,accumulated dose can be measured,full stainless steel housing, suitable for field work with GPS and data storeage function,LCD display,USB port.

Technical data:
(1)measuring range:
contain≤30000 Ur
radiation dosage rate≤5000 nC·kg-1·h-1
absorb dosage rate≤169 μGy/h (in air)
dosage equivalent rate≤169 μSv/h (in air)
radiation rate≥30s-1/nC·kg-1·h-1
(3)energy hold:40 keV
GPS precision≤ 10 m
(7)Power supply:AA battery
power:≤200mW or ≤600mW (include GPS)
(8)Working condition:
(9)Size and weight
320 mm×50 mm×215mm 1.2 kg(short type)
655 mm×50 mm×215mm 1.4 kg(long type)

Application:The instrument is widely used in custom,health, environmental protection, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, radiological laboratory,food and other goods radioactivity test,inspection and other required environmental and radiation protection for radiation detection and so on.


High precision
Sensitive to Alpha and Beta ray

display unit:Bq/CPS


detect area:100cm2

weight:about 2kg

range:alpha 0.03-10000bq/cm2,efficiency>=25%

bata 0.3-10000/cm2,efficiency>30%

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It is a user-friendly design, enhanced monitoring device,mainly used for personal dose X, γ-ray and hard to monitor β-ray radiation protection for nuclear power plants, accelerators, isotope applications, industrial X, γ nondestructive testing, medical radiation, cobalt source treatment, γ irradiation, radioactive laboratories, environmental monitoring around nuclear facilities in areas such as alarm indication to me promptly, to ensure the safety of staff; instrument can simultaneously measure the dose rate and cumulative dose. It uses the power of new chip technology, the detector is compensated by the GM counter, the instrument has a wide measuring range, good energy response characteristics, and with instructions and overload protection.

1. user-friendly design feature of this instrument, the instrument is simple, easy to use

2. cumulative dose and dose rate measurements show

3. instruments while high sensitivity, fast response, measurable environmental background

4. utomatically switch the unit of measurement is automatically saved and accumulated initial cumulative dose

5. date can be preset dose rate and cumulative dose alarm threshold

6. dose rate and cumulative dose

7. alarm sound, vibration, sound + vibration

8. Silent Alarm choose low-power design, power off the battery voltage status indicator

9. electricity can be stored for long periods after the cumulative dose of real-time clock function

10. running off the clock after the internal fault detection, overload alarm and the dose rate protection, ensure that the equipment works

11. major technical indicators measuring range: dose rate: 0.01 μSv / h ~ 30mSv / h cumulative dose: 0.00 μSv ~ 999.9mSv

12. energy range: 40Kev ~ 1.5Mev

13. energy response error: ≤ ± 30%

14. relative basic error: ≤ ± 10%

15. measuring time: measuring time automatically selected based on ray intensity, faster response

16. alarm threshold: 0.5,1.0,2.5,10,30,50,100,500 μSv / h

17. Protection Alarm response time: ≤ 5 seconds

18. Display: Graphic Dot Matrix

19. LCD display unit: dose rate (μSv / h or mSv / h) and cumulative dose (μSv or mSV)? international standard unit

20. Power supply: Use a 7 batteries, low power, the end of measurement can be used 15 days (normal working hours)

21. Dimension: 92* 58 * 25(mm)

22. Weight: 120g

Application:Industrial flaw detection,custom,personal radiation monitor,nuclear medical science etc.

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Personal Radiation Protection,radiation meter,radiation alerting,radiation meter,radiation dosimeter,radiation testing

Personal Radiation Protection,radiation meter,radiation alerting,radiation meter,radiation dosimeter,radiation testing

Personal Radiation Protection,radiation meter,radiation alerting,radiation meter,radiation dosimeter,radiation testing

radiation detection,protection testing,radiator testing,radiation monitor,radiator tester,radiation detector,radiation tester

10pcs in stock


Simple,easy operate,pocket size, low cost model nice tool for persional radiation detection, can be used for nuclear power station

1,Detector: GM tube
2,Dose rate:X,Beta, dose,Max. Rate 5R/h
3,Energy range:30KeV-60Co,-40%-+80%
4,Speaker and alarm: One sound is is equivalent to dose of 3.2μR; one sound per second is equivalent to dose rate of 10mR/h; continuous sound alarming and light flashing if dose rate is more than 1000 mR/h and or GM tube is blocked

5. Power:AA battery 2pcs

6. Working time: Low power consumption, it is lower than 2mW,two months working time for battery

7,Size: 95(H)×55(W)×20(T)mm

8,Temperature: 0°C—+40°C

9,Weight: 100g

radiation survey meter,radiator heat meter,radiation meter tester,radiation dosimeter,radiation testing equipment,protection relay test set

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