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I.M.C system with stand alone TA840 Radar for Cargo Tank Monitoring System

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The I.M.C system continuously measures liquid level and temperature, as well as inert gas pressure in the cargo tanks. This system is based on a DISTRIBUTED DATA PROCESSING ARCHITECTURE. using the stand alone TA840 contactless level transmitter installed on the top of each tank, and connected to the TA840-I safety module located in the cargo control room. The associated inert gas pressure and liquid temperature information is transmitter to the cargo control room by means of the pressure and temp. sensor directly connected to the TA840.

Principle of Operation

The TA840 is a stand alone RADAR TYPE level transmitter using a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) electromagnetic signal to measure the distance between its antenna and the cargo tank content surface (ullage).

The difference between the emitted and reflected FMCW signals is directly proportional to the ullage. An adapted data processing is then able to be calculated. The micro wave signal issued from the antenna is directly processed by the dedicated processor inside the TA840. so that the output signal sent to the cargo control room is directly the digital value in MM of the measured ullage. RS485 digital link is used between each TA840 and the TA840-I safety module in the cargo control room.

I.M.C - Innovative Measuring Concept (I.M.C)



  • The principle of the TA840 RADAR SENSOR is the utilization of an intrinsically safe low-power processor unit which analyses the antenna signal and converts the information into digital values.
  • The TA840 RADAR SENSOR is a totally sealed unit with a standard RS485 field bus output signal.
  • For simplicity of installation the TA840 RADAR SENSOR requires only two cable inputs and is connected to a safety module which includes individual channel zener barriers.
  • The TA840 RADAR SENSOR incorporates and auto-control facility for continuous performance monitoring.
  • The TA840 RADAR SENSOR is provided with a simple pivot hinge arrangement to enable the cleaning of the antenna emission face without needing separate cleaning hatches.


  • Simple and quick installation.
  • Reduced cabling cost with integrated temp. and I.G.pressure measurement.
  • Easy commissioning through "COMMINC" mate software with automatic radar self test at power up.
  • Standardized communication protocol RS485 data link for direct connection with:
    ECOS, Norcontrol, Praxis, Samsung, etc.
  • Integration of other supplier device.
  • Self-diagnostic and remote configuring automatic antenna fouling detection.
  • Proven accuracy: ±1mm


The TA840 Radar microwave level measurement system is based on the utilization of smart sensor. They include microprocessors performing signal processing and offer, in addition to transmitting tank level, pressure, and temperature data to the central monitoring system, new capabilities such as self-diagnostics, self-monitoring and remote configuring.

Technical data

  • Maximum pressure : 1 bar
  • Accuracy : ±1mm
  • Operation temperature : -40°C to +70°C
  • Storage temperature : -40°C to +85°C
  • Product temperature : up to 180°C
  • Protocol : Modbus(RTU)
  • Range : 0.8 to 30mm(others available on request)
  • Intrinsically safety approval : Ex ia II B T4 on request : EEx ia II C T4
  • Protection class : IP67(1m immersion), IP66(hose-proof)
  • Antenna aperture angle : 10°
  • Process conn : ISO PN10 DN250
  • Material : SS316L and PTFE
  • Weight : 18Kg



The pressure transmitter T901-P01A is especially designed to meet liquid cargo monitoring requirements.

Technical data

  • 3-wire absolute transmitter
  • Range : 800~2000mbar
  • Accuracy : 1% of measured scale
  • Output : 0.5 to 2.5V DC
  • Allowable overpressure : 4000mbar
  • Power supply : 5V DC
  • Intrinsically safe : EEx ia II C T6
  • Storage temperature : -55°C to +85°C
  • Connecting unit operating temperature : -20°C to +70°C
  • Protection class : IP67



The temperature transmitter T901-Px0PI is specially designed to meet liquid cargo monitoring requirements.

Technical data

  • Temperature senson : 3-wires 100ohm at 0°C
  • Accuracy : IEC 751 classB
  • Protection class : IP67
  • Rang : -20°C to +120°C(other scales on requiest)
  • Intrinsically safe : EEx ia II C T6
  • Storage temperature : -55°C to 85°C



The TA840-I safety module consists of a 19" rack into which the radar power supply boards are inserted. Each rack has 8 available slots. Maximum configuration is 7 racks(power supply of 56 radars).

The master rack equipped with a CPU, enables output of 2 independent communication ports. The RS232 port on the front face enables the rack to be programmed during commissioning. The radars are configured directly on each power supply board via an RS232 port communication with the radar connected to the board in question.

Technical data

  • Intrinsically safe EEx is II B LVIE 95.D6118X SYST 95.D6147X
  • I/O port : -RS232 on front face, -RS485 or RS232 according to EN 50020 on rear face
  • Operating temperature : 0 to +55°C
  • Power supply : 110 or 220V AC/50~60Hz
  • Consumption : 60VA per rack(equipped with 8 safety modules)
  • Terminal capacity : 2.5mm2
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Boiler feed filter tank have a inspection chamber or devide area in tank to accumulate oil when oil contamination on boiler water.
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Independent Type Tank High/Overfill Alarm System

Independent Type Tank High/Overfill Alarm System

Independent Type Tank High/Overfill Alarm System



This alarm system consists of level alarm sensor, I.S barrier and alarm panel. When the liquid level reaches a set point, the reed switch in the alarm sensor is actuated by magnetic float.
This signal is connected to alarm annunciator through safety barrier. At the same time, we can get audible and visible alarm on the main alarm panel as well as external alarm on the bridge top. The 95% of volume is normally for high alarm and 98% of volume is normally for overfill alarm.


  • Most advanced electric technology for high reliability and durability.
  • Certified by major certifying authorities.
  • Designed for all kind of liquid.
  • Simple for construction.
  • Intrinsically safe designed unit is applicable to all kind of inflammable fluids.
  • Lifting type manual test device which can check the function.


These systems are used for the level alarm in cargo tanks of all kind of oil and chemical carriers.

Selection For Order Conformation

Technical Specification

Alarm sensor

  • Model
    High alarm : TMR-701T
    High and overfill alarm : TMR-702T
  • Conn. size : JIS 5K 32A(standard)
  • Conduit conn. size : JIS 5K 32A(standard)
  • Material
    Housing - SU304
    Flange - SUS304 or SUS316
    Guide pipe - SUS316
    Magnetic float - SUS316
  • Contact form/rating : SPST/250VAC, 0.5A
  • Accuracy : ±5mmon level rise or fall
  • Specific gravity : 0.65~1.5
  • Max. working temp. : -25 ~ +100°C
  • Alarm point
    95% of volume for high level alarm
    98% of volume for overfill alarm
  • Protection : IP56 over
  • Safety : EEx ia II C T6

Level Alarm Panel

  • Power supply : AC 110/220(Main), DC 24V(Back up)
  • Consist of : Alarm, annunciator, Power lamp, I.S Barrier, DC power fail alarm, Alarm buzzer
  • External alarm : Horn & Light


  • 10 channel annunciator
  • Power supply : DC24V
  • Indication LED's : 10 x Red(alarm), 1 x yellow(earth fail), 1 x Green(power)
  • Function : Accept horn, Accept flash, Test function
  • Input time delay : 0........99 seconds

Technical Specification

The cargo tank level alarm panel will be designed and arranged for level alarm based on the number of tanks and tank lovation etc. The cargo tank level alarm panel gives audible and visible alarm and also external alarm will be provided.

The individual external alarm will be provided in accordance with owner requirement as optional items.

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