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UPS control Kit

  • Atech
  • 500-4000W
  • Pakistan
  • Tag: UPS kit
Post Date : June 18
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UPS control kit (Inverter + Charger + Switchover)

UPS control Kit

Contains all the electronics to make a UPS. Just requires a transformer, Transistor Bank and Body / accessories to make a UPS.

12V and 24V models

Microprocessor Control

Instant Switchover. No problems of Computer Resetting

Fan Control output

Intelligent Charger for Battery Protection

Adjustable Mains, Trip and Full settings

Low Battery Alarm and Trip

2 Step Charging (double tap) for accurate battery charge

Equilization Charge for long term battery life

Over-charge protection

Battery Over-heat protection

Separate UPS on-off and master on-off switch

5 LED operation display

Battery Status display

Audible Buzzer

Option for Provision for external LED / LCD panel meters

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LED Bulb 220V / 3W

LED Bulb 220V / 3W

LED Bulb 220V / 3W

LED Bulb 220V 3W

LED Bulb



Extremely efficient and Energy Saver

Light Equivalent to 40W Bulb

Standard Screw Type Fitting

Aluminum Base Housing

Small Size, ideal for lighting in False Ceilings.

10 year lamp life

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Electronic Desulphator (Desulfator) for Lead Acid Batteries

Electronic Desulphator (Desulfator) for Lead Acid Batteries

Electronic Desulphator (Desulfator) for Lead Acid Batteries

12V or 24V Batteries
Extends battery life by preventing plate sulfation
Restored partially damaged batteries

Electronic Pulse Desulphator,

Increase the life of batteries or revive old batteries. 12V and 24V models. Easy to use, simple

connections. No external power required. Batteries installed in UPS, Generators, Vehicles gradually loose their Power and life because their plates get covered with "sulfates" with the passage of time which demands replacement. Standards chargers will not function if the battery power is below a minimum voltage therefore many batteries considered to be dead. Fortunately there is a way to revive the battery life hence saving replacement expenditure. The Desulphator removes the coating of 'Sulfates' from the battery plates while simultaneously returning the battery to operating voltage. This cleans the plates, improves the battery's capacity and ability to provide heavy currents thus extending the battery's operational life.

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