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Dispensing Robot Controller

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Post Date : June 18
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Hong Kong
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DPC-001 Dispensing Robot Controller

DPC-001 is 2 to 4 Axis Dispensing Controller. It has stronger features and the forth axis for rotating function and supporting CAD graphs import, supporting demonstration program functions and common graph library, simple operation, time saving, smooth motion track process, speed perspective arithmetic and highest cost performance in the industry; also the DPC-001 supports multi-Head dispensing as well, say, 8 heads maximum. Each head can be assigned with different color or functions dispensing head for sophisticated dispensing requirements. The DPC-001 has the following specifications: - Real time multi-task control technology and hardware interpolation technology ensure high reliability. - 13 lines dedicated input, 22 lines universal input, 18 lines output, fully optical coupling isolation control, excellent anti-interference performance; - Support control of 4-8 adhesive injecting terminals; - Use speed perspective arithmetic, automatic smooth corner speed, ensuring smooth process; - Have abundant instruction sets: motion instructions such straight line, arc, single point and ellipse, and instructions such as port output, waiting input, delay pause, selecting glue gun, resetting motor, etc. - Advanced edit functions, including batch modification, array copy, graph shift, graph zooming, automatic rounding, common graph library, etc. - Importing computer graphs: convert the graphs in the computer to PLT files or G code files, and then convert to process files of adhesive injecting machine through the controller. Each process file can save 100,000 process points. - Graph display function: display the graphs in the process files intuitively and display the process track dynamically in real time. - Track lag adhesive open and advance adhesive close function, eliminating the adhesive stacking problem at the start point and end point. - The process mode supports circular process, single process, automatic process, single step process, etc. - File instruction and edit function, provide advanced edit functions such as batch modification, array copy, graph shift, graph zooming and automatic rounding; common graph library is also available; - Flash memory reading-writing function: read and write process files in flash memory disk. - Convenient help system, calling out help document by pressing Shift+F1 in any interface

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AB Mix Gun

AB Mix Gun

ABG-001 Mixing and Dispensing Gun

ABG-001 Mixing and Dispensing Gun is for manually dispensing. The ABG-001 consisted of a Twin-Syringe, of which has the ratio is 1:1 and 1:2 avaible. Once the Syringe is loaded on the Gun, operator can manually dispense the Resin of A and B through its Static Mixer on the products.

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MHAB-1 Motorized Mixing Head for AB Fluids

MHAB-1 Motorized Mixing Head for AB Fluids

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The MHAB-1 is also with built-in cleaning fluids automation. When the dispensing halt for a while, the MHAB-1 can be preset to dispense a certain volume of mixed fluids that will be changing hardening if such volume of mixed fluids stayed overtime in the mixing head. Another advanced function of the MHAB-1 is capable of cutting excess fluids from the tip when dispensing cycle ended. Normal excess fluids cut-off technique from tip is always failed for Silicone dispensing but not our MHAB-1. The MHAB-1 has different versions for the meeting the dispensing volume, accuracy, viscosity and numbers of fluids as well.

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