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Post Date : July 20
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TOSOK wafer bump inspection
Deformation Testing Machine


High speed inspection for gold and solder bump.

Mesaures at a faster pace the hiehgt of Solder bumps and

Au straight bumps that have formed on the wafer.
Perfoms faster scanning of the entire wafer surface, with the

actual examination time not dependent on the number of bumps.
Inspects an 8-inch wafer in less than 3 minutes.

Measures wafer bump at faster rate and with more
Measurement resolution 0.1?m
Throughput Less than 3 minutes for 8inch wafer(W-CSP,Std.Mode)
Realize high-precision measurement with the aid
of the independent high-precision laser
displacement gauge.
Adopts fine laser line array.
High-speed measurement by means of PSD array.
Advanced algorithm to chase up the height precisely.
Applies advanced singnal processing system
Adoption of high-speed A/D converter board.
Advanced high-speed signal processing using DMA technology.
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Ball Screw

Ball Screw

Ball Screw

Low price and high quality ball screw, can be made upon your request.

Our company has a long history of producing ball screw, which is over 40 years and we are highly confident on its quality in terms of the precisness, life time, adequate torque, and high mechanical efficiency. Since our company started from the gauge maker originally, one of the features for our ball screw is the smoothness because of the process, so called "rapping process". We are escecially good at producing ball screws between C0 to C5 (G0 to G5), which is categolized as "griding'' and suitable for the die bonder or wire bonder for example.

However, we are basically able to produce the customized ball screw dependent on your requests. Any size, any shape is OK for us and wellcome for your question.

We are looking forward to hear from you soon.

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