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Tortellini bolognesi ,The original organic pasta

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Tortellini bolognesi
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Italian Tortellini Bolognesi. The original organic pasta. With meats pig ferrarese, chest hen, parmigiano reggiano 40 month

Draft of the classics tortellini to from Bologna one, facts directly from we second the prescription originates them. The paste comes by hand pulled with the mattarello along of wood, comes used all coming genuine and homemade ingredients from various agricultural companies Ferraresi. (Reggiano Parmesan origin RE-Italy)
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The organic pasta

The organic pasta

The organic pasta

The organic pasta "Cappellacci Ferraresi"-with pumpking filling, parmigiano reggiano cheese.

Official history of the cappellacci ferraresi

The first news of Cappellacci of zucca ferraresi is found again in the rinascimentali prescription pads of the scalchi to the service of the family of Este of Ferrara that governed the city from the XIII to the XVI sec. In 1584 comes published to Ferrara Of the Scalco from Giovan Batiste Lipsticks where we find the first references to the tortellos of zucca with the butirro. The ingredients are the same ones of the prescription put into effect them if it were not for the addition of some spezie, like the ginger and the pepper, today fallen in disuse but to the age particularly diffuse and used in the , constructed from the Duca Alfonso.

Always in the same prescription pad the Lipsticks filler the directory of the capacities served in details circumstances like, as an example, the come one of principles, representatives graduate to us and accommodated illustrious men near the Duca. From it can here then be understood like the Cappellacci of zucca ferraresi (sayings also tortellos), were considered preparations of luxury and prestige, in spite of the poor ingredient of the filling, and in any case worthy to be served to table in the official occasions. The Cappellacci of zucca not only differs from the cappelletti for the composition of the filling but also for the greater dimensions of the form: from here the origin of the ferrarese dialectal term caplaz that is tortelloni, with which the ferraresi identify the product. Some local historian supports, however, than the origin of this dialectal term he has origin in reference to the form of the product, vaguely somigliante to that of the straw hat of the ferraresi peasants, calls for the note caplaz.

The cappellacci of zucca of Ferrara (Caplaz)The prescription originates them ferrarese is from considering itself today of historicocultural importance. To remember that the court Extensive could be allowed to have, to its apex, numerous important and famous cooks. The often organized festivities and banquets that came to the age can, still today, to live again in the plates of the tradition thanks to Ettore and Marta. Here then the famous ones cappellacci of zucca of Ferrara.
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