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Gas Chromatograph

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HRGC 4000B


Konik High Resolution Gas Chromatography, Full Range of State of Art Technology Injectors Detectors & Robotik Sample preparation

Sample Introduction

Cold septum, purge-less multimode and universal injector.

The guarantee for sample integrity from low boilers to high boilers

and gas saving. Multimode Auto sampler K-MAS5.

Pneumatic System

True mass flow control. Digital pressure or flow setting and

programming. Pressure or flow ramps. Ultra-fast resolution. Time and

column savings.


Fastest heating and cooling oven. PID temperature control. ±0.1ºC

accuracy displayed provides maximum reproducibility. Minimum

down time in between analysis.

Microprocessor Module

Large LCD menu driven display available in most roman alphabet

languages. Interactive. User friendly. Flexible customized options.


Full range of detectors: FID, TCD, ECD, NPD, FPD, PID, DID,


Highest sensitivity, lowest detectability limits. Modularly upgradable.

Chromatography Data System and Automation


® software: GC control through PC. Total automation.

Auto sampler, Head Space. Konikrom

® software: All integration

modes. All parameters. Networking.

Engineered Solutions and Turn-Key Systems

The Konik HRGC 4000 B can be automated in the Lab or in the plant

to become the "Autoanalyzer" of the products of your choice. Turnkey

petrochemical solutions include Refinery Gas Analysis,

Simulated Distillation, LPG, BTX, Natural Gas, Transformer Oil...

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