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apple juice concentrate

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Post Date : July 22
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Juice, Fruit Juice


we are enthusiastic to trade apple juice concentrate with compatible prices and 70% Brix

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apple juice concentrate

apple juice concentrate

apple juice concentrate

we are enthusiastically to trade the best quality of apple juice concentrate with compatible prices

Hi dear

I hope you will fine.we are supplying the best quality of:

Orange juice concentrate

Apple juice concentrate

Tomato paste (700&1000, 500&1000, 5000, 70&130) gr and,(230 kg aseptic)

Pomegranate juice concentrate

Black, red and white grape juice concentrate

Mineral water,

Sour cherry

Pear puree

Mayonnaise low fat (210,290,230,940,1400,450,20,)gr and mayonnaiseBox(50 Pcs)

Olive conserve(300,700,1000,1400,5000,500&1000)gr

Cucumber in brine (1000,1400,700 excellent,700special,700 grade1,5000,500&1000)gr

Ketchup (280,310,20,)gr and ketchup Box (50Pcs)

Grape pickle (700)gr

Eggplant pickle (1400)gr

Grape leaf(1400)gr

Sour grape (300&700)gr

Tomato pickle (1400)gr

Paper puree (210)gr and garlic puree (210)gr

Our prices are compatibleall around the world BY INTERNATIONAL FACTORIES (ISO), they are packed indrums, bottle. Pet, and ...they have suitable Brix


Sales manager


MOBILE: 0098 - 914 - 968 0730

SamanInternational Co


Fax: +98-441-2248266

ADD: Khayyam st,Orumiyeh, West Azarbaijan, Iran

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mineral water

mineral water

mineral water

we are enthusiastic to produce the best quality of mineral water with compatible prices

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