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Atom Welding Machine

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  • 2.8 x 3.5 cm
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Post Date : July 23
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Item specifics

2.8 x 3.5 cm
AWM Machine
500-1000 amperes
Western Union


The World's Smallest Welding Machine


1. Very low voltage requirements as 110 volts.

2. Low power consumption as much as 40% saving on electricity

3. Use only single line from main safety switch

4. It can be put in your pocket after using.

5. High amperage output up to 1,000 amperes.

6. No overheating even 24 hrs of continues welding operation.

7. Measures 1 cm x 1 cm inches in size.

8. Super heavy duty welding cutting power.

9. Super extra light weight (only 5 gram)

10. Three years warranty from date of purchase.

How to use the Atom Welding Machine

The polarity is used to oppose the excessive voltage spike,in case the atom welding machine drive a high amperes rate at maximum capacity in order to protect the other unit, which is in parallel to main source from voltage spike disturbance.

No need to install transformer to drive the 1.000 amperes rating. But the connection between negative and positive is no longer specified in the operation. Either negative or positive connection will operate at the same power output.

Connect 1 line only from the live wire entrance in safety fuse box or circuit breaker before the switch.

In line to ground 220 volts, especially in the provinces,connect it to the line then weld, no need to install a big transformer.

Connect your natural earth ground on the item to be weld.

Safety Precautions

The user of this product is advised to observe these Standard precautionary measures such as:

1. Use # 8 stranded or larger wire sizes

2. Use a minimum of 100 amperes or higher amperage circuit breaker.

3. Do not weld on a high building, wet or swampy areas where user may get and ground

4. Wear safety goggles, gloves and shoes.

Step during the tuning process

  1. If you adjust the ground rod upward, the amperes rating increased.
  2. If you adjust the ground upward, the amperes rating decrease.
  3. So you may find tuning the downward and upward adjustment of the ground such time you get the exact amperes which is suitable to your welding material.
  4. It is necessary to put water in hole of the pipe for best ground results.


The electrical circuits inside the Atom Welding Machine are subject for defuse or damage, burn and turn into dust. In case air penetrates with in the close electrical network of the Atom Welding Machine unit, by means of cutting and breaking the unit.

Not advisable to use the unit is been break or cut, although still operate at maximum power output but danger, subject to damage your AC line supply or it may suffocate the user by means of electrical arching that may result of the user die. SO DO NOT CUT. By:The maker.

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