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Wind turbine

  • 200w-50kw
  • Hebei China (Mainland)
  • Tag:wind turbine
Post Date : July 23
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Hebei China (Mainland)


The quality is good, the outward appearance is attractive

China Cangzhou Tianchuang WeiYe New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of power equipment of high-tech enterprises. Main production 200W-50KW wind turbine, beautiful complementary streetlights, wind turbine inverter controller, beautiful complementary inverter controller, the company already has a number of products specializing in power motor to develop a master's, bachelor and other senior technical personnel.

To realize the country's strategic energy needs and to adapt to the needs to reduce pollution, we are committed to the research, development, production of wind energy, solar power equipment complementary to each other, the company's comprehensive strength in their own country to undertake a project to support Pakistan. Products are sold throughout the country, and has successfully entered the global power market. Products sold in the United States, Germany, Japan, Pakistan and other South Asia and Europe and the United States.

Our company has strong technical force, advanced equipment and production technology, scientific management, high quality production materials, whether existing products or development of new products such as a qualitative rationale for the issue of new machines to replace them all, all to win customers trust and praise. Welcome new and old customers come to discuss.

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Wind generator set, contravariant controller, scenery supplementary invertor

Wind generator set, contravariant controller, scenery supplementary invertor

Wind generator set, contravariant controller, scenery supplementary invertor

Mainly produces the 300w-20KW wind generator set, the wind-driven generator inversion controller

The Hebei Cangzhou day creates the cause new energy technology development Limited company specialized to be engaged in Gao Xinji <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> which the power equipment produces the </dnt> technique enterprise. Mainly produces the 300w-20KW wind generator set, the wind-driven generator inversion controller, the scenery supplementary inversion to control <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> the regulator, the company had one batch to be engaged in the power source product development, development master, bachelor specially and so on high-level technical talented person.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> In order to manifest the country to the energy strategic demand and the adaptation reduction pollution need, we devote to the development, the development, the production
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> the </dnt> wind energy, the solar energy supplementary power equipment, the company continued the country by own comprehensive strength to support Pakistan's project.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> the </dnt> present product sells to the land, and has succeeded enters the global power source market. The product sells to American, German, Japanese, Palestinian <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> South Asian and the European and American countries and so on </dnt> base Stan.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> Our company has the abundant technical force, the advanced equipment and the technique of production, the scientific management, the high quality production material,
regardless of <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> is the existing product or the new product development like has the nature principle problem to replace the new machine completely, wins the customer faith <dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt> to become reconciled the comparison. Welcome the new senior merchant to come to order.
<dnt> </dnt> <dnt> </dnt>

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5KW wind turbine generator

5KW wind turbine generator

5KW wind turbine generator

wind turbine
The outlook is artistic, sturdy construction, stable property

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