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Ritter Excellence Unit

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Post Date : July 24
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Ritter Excellence Unit


Ritter Excellence Unit with 4 outlet for Handpieces

Ritter Excellence Unit with 4 outlet For Hanpiece

1.Piece EVO Push Button Turbine
1.Piece EVO Air Micromotor
1.Piece EVO Sedna Air Contra Angle
1.Piece Ritter Piezo Scaler(Place on Unit)
1.Piece Ritter Led Light (placed on assistant panel)
1.Piece 3 Way Syringe
1.Piece 3 Way Syringe (Place on assistant panel)
Negatoskop For Periapical Film
Thin Surgery Suction
Thick Surgery Suction
Clean Water System
Touch Panel Dental Table
Touch Panel Table for Assistant Panel
Moveable Porcelain Spittoon
Dental Light
Pnomatic Foot Control
Dentist Stool

Patient Chair
Electric chair with 24V motor driven
3 programmable positions
Single armrest
Foot control and auto return function
Seamless upholstery

Please note that the price can be lowered as it depends on quantity.

Also the price can be lowered without handpieces.

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