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LED Street Light

Post Date : July 25
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High performance LED Street Light


1,the main of lamp made from aluminum alloy, strong,lightweight and corrosion-resistant.

2, active carbon respirator within the lamp, to ensure air exchange and prevent inhalation of dust and vapor, extend component life.

3, Using a new silicone seal ring, Slow down the aging ring, long-term assurance IP is 66.

4,Patented design of the radiator,Effective control LED temperature, extend LED life.

5, High light transmission material, to ensure high transmittance and excellent light distribution.

6, High efficiency, high stability power supply, to ensure the long-term stability work.

7, Can be equipped with solar power system.

8,Widely used in garden lighting, walking street lighting,footway lighting and so on.


Input Voltage


Frequency Range


PF Power Factor


Total Harmonic Distortion


Power Efficiency




LED Consumption


System Consumption


LED Luminous Efficiency


LED Initial Flux


(%)lamp's Efficiency


Color Temperature

warm white:3000-4000K;pure white:4000-6300K;white:6300K above

(CRI)Color Rendering Index


Light Distribution Curve/Beam Pattern

Asym-metric(Batwing)/Rectangular Beam

(Tj)Junction Temperature


Working Enviornment

working temperature:-35-45;working humidity:10%-90%

IP Rating


Working Life


Lamp shade Material

Aluminum Alloy

Net Weight


Packaging Size


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LED Street Lamp

LED Street Lamp

LED Street Lamp

1.high lumen and lux
2.CE&ROHS approval.
3.Energy saving,
4. long Working Life,
5.Quick Launch for our led street ligh


High Power LED Street Light

Item No.


Lamp base





H=6m:≥12LUX(Equal to HPS 31LUX)

H=8m:≥6.5LUX(Equal to HPS 17LUX)

H=10m:≥3.5LUX(Equal to HPS 9LUX)

H=12m:≥2LUX(Equal to HPS 5.5LUX)

Color Temperature

Pure White:5000--7000K

Warm white:3000--4500K

Working Humidity


Power Factor


Power Consumption



Aluminum Alloy and PC

Working Voltage



36 months

Working Life


led street light Product Features

1. Compare with traditional street lights, the cost of LED Street light is 3 times, but working life at least 5 times.

2. Products can reduce the power according to time,output current reduced by 1 / 2 after six hours of continuous work(Time can also be set according to customer requirements).

3. Products can reduce power via more than Set temperature, can be detected temperature of street lights through external thermistor, the output current can be reduced by 1 / 3 When the temperature reached .(Temperature can also be set according to customer requirements).

4. Can save a lot of energy electric cost.

5. Almost have not maintenance costs.

6. Can save a lot of money via reduce cable cross-section of the street.

Product advantage

1. Energy saving. Comparing to traditional street light, it can save power 80%

2. Long Working Life. The working life reaches 50000 hours. It has good usage both in low temperature and in high temperature.

3. No need of ballast and Quick Launch. It solved the problems of low efficiency brightness of semi-conductor lighting source.

4. Perfect Protection policies for current rush, voltage rush, Short-circuit, temperature. The optical performance is equal to HPS 75-100W.

5. Easy Installation. It is the ideal option to replace HPS, halogen, Mercury and other common street light.

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