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Anion Exchange Resin

  • 1000 Liter/Liters
  • Shanghai China (Mainland)
  • gold color
  • Taichung(in Taiwan)
  • 201x7MB
  • Tag: Anion Resin
Post Date : July 27
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Shanghai China (Mainland)
gold color
Taichung(in Taiwan)
100,000.00 Liter/Liters per Month
Chemical Auxiliary Agent


Anion Exchange Resin generally be used in full range industry for
a water treatment.

Anion Exchange Rsin be used in pure water,high pure water equipment,waste water treatment,

biologic chemical products extract,radioactivity element abstraction,antibiotics disassociation etc..

Our Anion Exchange Resin quality equal to others brand standard as belows.

1. USA: Amberlite IRA-400, 4200Cl

2. Germany: Lewatit M500

3. French: AllassionAG217

4. Japan: Diaion SA-10A

5. Britain: Purolite A600

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Gas burner can be combined to use in all food cooker, crops drying , heat water boiler etc.

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Ion exchange Resin

Ion exchange Resin

Ion exchange Resin

Cation exchange Resin main be used in hardness water change to
soften water further to maintain water quality clean.

Cation exchange Resin be used in water treatment also can abstract or extract rare element in food pharmacy and sugar industry etc..

Our Cation exchange Resin quality equal to others brands as belows.

1. USA:Amberlite IR-120 Dowex-50

2. Germany: Lewatit-100

3. Japan:Diaion SK-1

4. French: Allassion CS

5. Britain/England:Purolite C-100E

6. China: 732

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