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Hydraulic Press Brake,cnc folding machine,cnc bending machine

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Press Brake


Hydraulic Press Brake,cnc folding machine,cnc bending machine.

Hydraulic Press Brake,cnc folding machine,cnc bending machine.

We can supply various hydraulic press brake with CNC control system or normal electric control system.


1) Of entire welded structure and so has good rigidity and high strength

2) Adopts top driving with advanced structure and reliable performance

3) Adopts CNC control electric back block ensuring stable and reliable positioning accuracy

4) The ram adopts torque-axes forced-synchronous mechanism

5) Heat-treated upper die has good wearability and is equipped with sedge type flexibility compensation mechanism

6) Ram stroke possesses of inching, single, continuous movement and the retaining pressure time can be easily adjusted

7) Equipped with E20 (from domestic) or DA51 (from Holland) CNC control system from domestic

8) We can supply normal type without CNC control

9) Nominal pressure of the machine can be from 400KN to 30,000KN

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Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

Plasma Cutting Machine

The CNC plasma cutting machine has many specifications with different

The CNC plasma cutting machine has many specifications with different
configurations. It may be equipped with control system from domestic JT-300,
Spain FAGOR or MICRO EDGD from the USA. It is suitable for cutting various
materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum plate. By choosing
different plasma power, this machine can cut all the thicknesses. We usually equip
our machine with plasma power from Hypertherm USA and Kjellberg Germany.Plasma Cutting Plasma Cutting Machine,cnc plasma cutting machine, plasma cutter, gas cutting machine


3.1 Length of rail: 8000mm

3.2 Space of rail: 2500mm

3.3 Max. working cutting width: 2100mm (space minus 400mm)

3.4 Max. working cutting length: 6000mm (rail length minus 2000mm)

3.5 Cutting thickness: 5-150mm

3.6 Max. no-loading speed: more than 6000mm/min

3.7 Cutting speed: 50-750mm/min

3.8 Cutting accuracy: +/- 0.2mm (whole stroke)

3.9 Re-positioning accuracy: +/- 0.2mm

3.10 Height accuracy: +/- 0.2mm

3.11 Max raising/droping distance of the cutting torch: 180mm

3.12 Power supply: 380V, three phase, 50Hz

3.13 Total power: 2kW

3.14 Oxygen gas: Pressure for cutting: 7.84x105Pa ~ 8.82x105Pa (supplied by customer)

Pressure for pre-heating: 3.92x105Pa (supplied by customer)

3.15 Acetylene: pressure 0.49x105Pa (supplied by customer)

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Spiral Filter Core Making Machine

Spiral Filter Core Making Machine

Spiral Filter Core Making Machine

Spiral Filter Core Making Machine,spiral filter tube making machine,tube making machine,automotive filter core making machine.

2.1 Very easy and quick to change the diameter of spiral tube.

2.2 Any length can be cut according to customer’s requirement.

2.3 By adjusting clutch, the machine can be suitable for different thick materials.

2.4 PLC control makes high efficient, stable quality, less procedures and materials and so reduces the production cost.

2.5 Fluid drive, large driving moment and stable run.


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