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Digital Audio Fiber Optical Transmitter and Receiver

  • 1 Pair/Pairs
  • DLX
  • 10000 Pair/Pairs per Month
  • Audio to Fiber Transmitter
Post Date : August 11
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10000 Pair/Pairs per Month


Balance or unbalance Audio Fiber Optical Transmitter

DLX-DVOPA Series Digital audio/data fiber transmitter and receiver provide uncompressed high quality real time transmission for Stereo or Mono Bi-directional or Single-direction audio signals over one single mode or multimode optic fiber.

DLX-DVOPA Series products adopt 24bits High Dynamic Range audio technology, support High fidelity, stereo audio undistorted transmission. Support various format and protocols, has good adaptability. SNMP module optional, support manage remote end and local end transmitter and receiver.Can been installed rapidly without customer adjusting, and they are easy to operate and maintain. On the front panel of the products are video connector (BNC), audio and data connector (RJ45 or Terminal Plug with screw clamps), and fiber optic connector (FC-single mode or SC-multimode). Users can easily monitor the status of power supply, connection and channels through the indicator lights. There are two types of DLX-DVOPA available: standalone and card type.



  Broadcast Video/Audio/TV programs Mutual Transmission

 Broadcast Video Transmission

     High fidelity Video Conference

   High Way & Toll Station Surveillance

     Public Security Surveillance

   Surveillance and cable TV system

    Intelligent traffic monitoring system

    Long-distance multimedia teaching

    Industrial Closed Circuit Television Surveillance



    One multimode or single mode fiber

    Modularized and industrialized design ensuring reliability and flexibility

     Large capacity of gigabit optical fiber transmission allowing of easy upgrade

     Optical Auto-switch protection(<1ms), enhance the reliability, stability and  maintainability of system communication

   Support 24bits DVD format, High Dynamic Range Stereo audio.

      Support base on SNMP standard e-MS network management system, easy to monitor and manage large-scale network

     Support Indicators for Power Supply, Branch Video, Optic-link and Data transmission

    Multi-services Flexible Configuration on the Same Platform

    Indicators for Power Supply, Audio, Optic-link and Data-loop

    Free from In-field Adjustment

    Flexible and Easy Mount

     Protection against lightening strike and surge

      Transmission distance: 2KM(multi-mode),20km,40km,60km,80KM,100km optional(Single-mode)




Audio Input/output impedance:     600ohm(balanced) or 10Kohm(unbalanced)

Digitization:                       24bit

Bandwidth:                       20Hz to 20KHz

Nonlinear distortion coefficient:      <1%

SNR:                             >85dB

Connector:                      Terminal Plug with screw clamps/RCA


Operation temperature:         -30oC~+75oC

Storage temperature:           -40oC~+85oC

Relative humidity:              0-95% Non-Condensing

MTBF:                        >10e5 hours

Power Supply:                 AC 100V~260V or DC 48V

    Level 3 Anti-lightning, TI chip,Immersion gold PCB board(optional),Industry grade components,ESD protection design

  Physical Dimensions:         200(L)×105(W)×30(H)mm, Aluminum-alloy case

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DLX-E1E 10/100M TO E1 Protocol Converter

DLX-E1E 10/100M TO E1 Protocol Converter

DLX-E1E 10/100M TO E1 Protocol Converter

Provides 2048Kbit/s date transmission channel for line concentrator or exchanger to combine two LANs into one LANs

 DLX-E1E 10/100M to E1 Protocol Converter is a conversion device that can realize the conversion from 10/100Base-T interface to E1 interface. Provides 2048Kbit/s date transmission channel for line concentrator or exchanger to combine two LANs into one LANs via transmission apparatus (such as optical transmitter/receiver and so on) and use same IP address. Supports automatic learning MAC address function. Filtrate data package via address list and be transparent in TCP/IP protocol.


Product Feature

     Adopts large-scale integrate chip, brief circuit, low power consumption and high reliability structure

      Offers 1-8 channel E1 port and Automatically adapt to 75ohm & 120ohm Impedance

     Master clock, incept resume clock optional

     Provides powerful network management functions

     Possess complete alarm and status indication function

    Adopts manifold power supply  -48V DC or 220V AC


Technologies reference

    Interface type E1, 10/100Base-T

     Bit rate 2048KBIT/S±50ppm

     Transmission end rate: 2048Kbit/S

   User end rate  10/100Mbit/S

    E1 impedance 75ohm(unbalance)/120ohm(balance)

    Clock type master clock, slave clock optional


Voltage 180V~240V AC,-36V~-72V DC

Power consumption  <5W


     Dimension 200mm×140mm×35mm


PWR   Power Indicator

LINK  Ethernet Connection Indicator

WTX  WAN Send Date Indicator

WRX  WAN Receive Date Indicator

LTX   LAN Send Date Indicator

LRX   LAN Receive Date Indicator

LOS   E1 Signal Indicator

COL   LAN Signal Indicator
ERR   Wrong Code Indicator

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DLX-RF RS232/422/485 Fiber Optical Modem

DLX-RF RS232/422/485 Fiber Optical Modem

DLX-RF RS232/422/485 Fiber Optical Modem

DLX RS485/422/232 Optical Modem is equipment which transmit RS485/422/232 signal by fiber.


1. Offer one RS485/422/232 and dual- fiber interface

2.DC -48V and AC 220V optional

4. Typical distance is 20KM .

5.Data rate:0-150Kbps

6.Single mode or multi mode optional and wavelength is 850 nm and 1310nm or 1550nm

7.Connector :ST/SC/FC optional


RS232: TxD, RxD, RTS, CTS, GND(RTS,CTS optional)


RS422:TxD+,TxD-,RxD+,RxD-,RTS+,RTS-,CTS+,CTS-,GND(RTS+/-,CTS+/- optional)



1. Working temperature: -30 to 50oC

2. Storage temperature: -40 to 70oC

3. Humidity: relative humidity, 5% to 95%non-condensing

4.Pressure: 86-106Kpa

5.Power   :


   DC -36---- -72V

  Consumption : < 5w

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