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Reducing Abdomen And Lifting Buttocks/Instant Slim

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Reducing Abdomen And Lifting Buttocks/Instant Slim
lifting buttocks and weight reduction (especially for the belly fat)

Reducing Abdomen And Lifting Buttocks/Instant Slim

Modern medical science proves that the human obesity is resulted from the over adsorption of heat . The small intestine change the surplus heat into fat and preserve them around small intestine .So, there are parlance that "the belly stand out first with fat man " among the people, then the fat radiate slowly to four limbs as the belly the center, make the four limbs obese, thus influence beauty and health gradually. International weight-reducing authority newly proposed the theory that" reduces belly first on weight reductio n with growing lean on redu cingbelly ".
"Be lean immediately rM,, weight reduction capsule of lessening the abdomen and lifting the buttocks selected many kinds of natural green plants .which have the effect of losing weight, such as the nut, Common Fenugreek Seed , guarana fruit ,apple. kiwi fruit , the lemon and ponkan makdarin etc. and refined with the modern science and technology .It is characterized by the small dosage,quick effective with safe and non-toxic .On fast losing weight and lessening the abdomen, its unique
fruit formula on lifting buttocks contain large amount of pectins, the plant collagen, Vitamins C and potassium and many kinds of microelements .Especially for the nutritional demand of buttocks ,the capsule can tighten the buttocks skin and obtain lifting the buttocks to restore your healthy and beautiful condition of "slender waist and raising buttocks".

the characteristic fo "belean immediately TM "
weight reduction capsule of lessening the abdomen and lifting the burrocks:

1. Weight reduction through the plants with safe and healthy
2,reducing abdomen and lifting :buttocks with no rebounding forever
3.frnit odour type with international fashion
4.rapid result with be effective in the same day
5,directional weight reduction with special for belly
:6.One capsule each day with convenient for administration
[Main composition ]: nut (Koncing), Common Fenugreek Seed, Guarana fruit , kiwi fruit , konjaku extracts, sweet potato cellulose etc.
[Efficient compositions and content]: it contains the total flavone > 200mg per 100g
[healthcare function]: lifting buttocks and weight reduction (especially for the belly fat)
[Suitable people]: Besides aiming at the simple obesity people, obstinate obesity type people and the people with inefficacy on repeated weight reduction, this product is more suitable for the people with fat belly.

[Precautions]: Children, pregnant woman, the patients with the heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus and the patients with apoplexy family history and kidney disease are contraindicated,
[Usage and dosage]: One time a day and one capsule each time ( taking before or after breakfast).
[License number]: .Food &Sanitation Health certificate (2000), No. 0921
[Voluntary standards]: Q/TD02-2000
[Shelf life ] :24 months
[Storage ]: Seal and keep it in the shady and cool, dry place.
[Manufacture]: Ten gda Biological Science and Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou
[Supervision ]: U.S.A. SANZI Biological Weight-Reducing Research Center

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Leptin Green Coffee 800

Leptin Green Coffee 800

Leptin Green Coffee 800

Leptin Green Coffee 800
Lose weight natural and easily
no need press appetite
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Leptin Green Coffee 800

Product Introduction

Green coffee 800 formula is a "drug-free" dietary supplement that was developed from a blend of herbal extract. When used with a healthy diet plan, Green coffee 800 helps curb your appetite and also helps stimulate your body to burn fat and calories.

1 Natural and herbal
2 Easy-to-use & powerful
3 Natural slimming coffee -the best choice for slimming shape

- 70mg calcium
- 250mg chromium (as chromium dinicotinate glycinate)
- 700mg Propietary Herbal Blend:
- Green tea leaf standardized extract (180mg antioxidant polyphenol, 90mg epigallocatechin gal late-EGCG, 50mg naturally occurring caffeine, Asian Panax Ginseng root standardized).
Functions of the Ingredients
- Chromium dinicotinate glycinate plays an important role in the production of insulin, controlling hunger, and in metabolism.
- Ginseng helps to maintain energy level while dieting.
- Green Tea Leaf extract is a major antioxidant that increases mental awareness and helps diminish appetite, also can lower cholesterol level and reduce amount of harmful cholesterol.
- EGCG-Epigallocatechin gal late is most powerful natural antioxidant superior to Vit C and Vit E. It may provide health effects by protecting our cells from oxidative damage from free radicals. A number of chronic disease have been associated with free radical damage, including cancer, arteriosclerosis, heart diseases and accelerated aging.

[Directions] Take one pack a day in the mid-morning with 100ml hot water (serve as traditional instant coffee).
[Contents] 18 packs in a box
[Suitable Population] For simply obesity, post partum fat, and people who want to keep fit.
[Precaution] Not intended for use by persons under 18, pregnant or breast feeding women, cardiovascular disease and stroke patients.

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Mechanism of Action
1. increasing satiety and suppressing appetite
2. Smoothing the intestines to relax the bowels and cleaning the intestines system
3. Directional oil and fat reduction rather than body water reduction

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Fruit  Plant Weight Loss Capsules

Fruit Plant Weight Loss Capsules

Fruit Plant Weight Loss Capsules

Fruit & Plant Weight Loss Capsules
Locally reduce fat; mainly reduce fat in abdomen, buttocks and arms
High concentration

Fruit & Plant Weight Loss Capsules
fruit lemon, fruit gum, bitter gourd, Papaya, benefit fruit, spiral
[Specification] 400mgs/grain×30 grains
[Directions] one time per day, 1 grain per time, before or after breakfast with boiled water

1. Simplicity fatness, youth-hood fatness, post partum fatness. Those who have failed many times in reducing fat and easily get rebound.
2. Constipation, acne, facial splash.

[Functions & Characteristics]
1. Locally reduce fat; mainly reduce fat in abdomen, buttocks and arms;
2. Really solve fat problems and remove the rebound thoroughly;
3. Remove body accumulated substance and beautify skin;
4. High concentration.

[Storage] place in a cool and dry place.
[Supervise] Guangzhou Fragrant Living Creature Technique Development Limited Company (Attestation business enterprise of GMP)
[Manufacturer] Hainan Resurgence Natural Healthy Food Co., Ltd
[Grant the Text Number] The takes the meal of the word of (1999) No.0162
[Performance Standard] YX1999-22

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