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Post Date : August 12
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Edible Offals, Other
Vacuum Pack
100 Ton/Tons per Week


Quality Halal Carcass. This is the best Beef Carcass from Africa's largest Beef Producer.

Quality Halal Carcass 170-200 kg. 100-150mt per week Available

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I take this opportunity to introduce Pride Meat Products (Tanzania Limited).


Pride Meat Products (Tanzania) is a South African owned and managed meat processor with its own ranch. Pride meat products(Halal meat, certified by the Tanzanian Muslim Council, BAKWATA) is a leading meat processor in Tanzania, processing beef and chicken products, and holds significant stakes in mutton and goat meat production facilities in Tanzania. Pride product offerings are world class and come with quality (disease free) assurance. Pride is a leading brand and has been able to expand capacity and customer base which includes world class hotels, mining corporations as well as supermarkets in Tanzania. The rapid growth has resulted in international expansion, and Pride now exports to the Middle East and Europe. Pride Product offerings offer real value relative to Brazilian, Chinese, Australian and Indian meat exports. Pride is projecting further expansion in Europe and particularly the Middle East and has expanded capacity in anticipation of that (will be sending marketing personnel to garner new business in new markets).


Beef products: these include beef sausages/ Viennas, Beef steaks, T-bone, Liver, you name if you want it we will prepare it for you.

Chicken Products: Chicken fingers, chicken sausages, full chicken, chicken parts (wings, drum sticks etc)

Mutton: Steak and all other parts can be customised

Goat: fresh goat meat tailored and delivered to client specifications.


Kilimanjaro Kempisnki Hotel( Dar es Salaam), 5 star

Movenpick Hotel (Dar es Salaam), 5 star

Holliday Inn (Dar es salaam), 5 star

New Africa Hotel (Dar es salaam), 4 star

Shop Rite (Dar es Salaam, Arusha), Africas largest Supermarket chain

Gold mining (Geita, central Tanzania)

Double Tree( Dar es Salaam) brand of Hilton International Corporation, opens October/Novermber 2009

Pride serves minor hotel groups and retail chains within Tanzania


At Pride we believe that business prosperity is dependent on not only meeting client needs, but surpassing them, that is delighting the customer, to that end we have an ethos based on four letters FABV, Features, Advantages, Benefits and Value. Here are a few reasons why we believe and our customers bear testament, why its good to do business with Pride Meat Products.

  • Quality Products is the name of the game, Pride Meat products are disease free and undergo stringent quality control checks that not only meet but surpass international standards
  • Quality products come at reasonable and competitive prices. Price is a reflection of value and our products compete favourably and even better relative to Brazilian, Chinese, Indian and Australian Exports. Geographical position of Tanzania relative to the Middle East and Europe results in lower transportation costs relative to products from Brazil, China, Australia and India
  • Seamlessly controlled supply chain (We own our own ranch) this translate into efficient operations that go along way to enhancing our value proposition
  • Value Chain Congruent with client requirements
  • Competency in logistical operations through partnership with leading firms means that reduced order delivery times.
  • Expanding capacity (economies of scale) means that the unit costs per product significantly reduce, further adding value to the client.
  • South African Management and Meat farming and Processing techniques are renowned world wide, the expertise makes for a tastier dinner, lunch or supper
  • An established reputation in the industry means that we are doing something right, reputations are earned and not bought.
  • Operational competency in meat storage and packaging
  • Slaughter is performed in adherence to Islamic rituals making our products Halal
  • Experience in export trade, this is crucial in ensuring that exports are delivered on time and that we understand and appreciate factors that can positively or adversely affect business for us that the importer.
  • Tanzania has one of the largest cattle herds in Africa and through investment (likes Prides) will become a significant meat product exporter, the political climate in Tanzania is relatively stable, this ensures steadily growing exports, and reduced risk of disruptions to production that impinge on planning and acceptable degrees of certainty.

We are sure that as you deal with us in the future we will be able to offer you more reasons to do business with us.


You are welcome to place orders, or simply check the competitiveness of our products by querying quantity and corresponding prices. All queries are to be sent to Senior Marketing Manager in charge of both domestic and foreign markets, contact details are given below. Prompt feedback is always assured.

Business Arrangements for Foreign Clients:

Foreign business meetings and arrangements can be and have been made in the past. Pride Meat exercises two options for cross-border business arrangement.

Option 1: After initial interest in our products, a query of clients desired quantity should be placed, the client will receive a response from Pride Meat with a price quotation corresponding to the quantity desired, should there be effective demand, further communication will take place and if after due diligence both parties agree to a transaction, in this instance, the Marketing Manager will travel to the clients country to finalise contractual formalities. Option 1 is utilised only when there is great certainty that a deal will be done, foreign excursions are expensive and are only done when clear intent to do business is shown, complemented by a substantial order.

Option 2: This second option doesnt differ much from the first option only that in this case Pride Meat will take responsibility for receiving(Airport pickup), and accommodating foreign clients who wish to come and finalise the business deal in Tanzania. During the visit to Tanzania, the client will have first hand tour of the Pride Meat ranch and production facilities. Further excursions including game drives have been requested by clients in the past. On a serious note, this second option is preferred for many an important reason. The nature of the meat business means that physical proof of facilities, operational assets, and licences (export licence, business incorporation documentation) are required to prove our business existence and legitimacy as true Meat product processors. We also like to learn and get more personal with our clients, find out what they want, and how they want their products to be, that way being physically there counts for a lot. This second option shows real commitment by prospective client. We at Pride hope that you will choose us to be your premier meat provider; we will always be at your service.


Marketing Manager (Domestic and Foreign Markets)

Davis Kambi, BA (Hons) Business Studies and Marketing, University of Wales, UK

Tanzania Pride Meat

Po. Box 6818, Morogoro, Tanzania

Tel No:+255 783650348, +255 655055655

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